The game is gonna die fast without ranked.

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    My recommendations to the devs is to drop whatever you're doing and put all efforts into giving players a reason to play.

    Steamcharts are already showing an average of a meager 104 concurrent players in the last 30 days. This game could be great. But Ninja Theory is going to be out of business before the game gets rolling.

    1st off, nah, there needs to be fixes made and some balance changes before ranked, also some more content would be nice.

    Also that second bit, the steam numbers, don't show the size of the player base, in fact steam players are a mere fraction. Now, the player base is small and needs to grow, but not THAT small, so keep that in mind 🙂

  • @RageKrom, You're correct that steamcharts only make up a portion of the player base but since it's the only metric available to us to measure the health of the game we have to extrapolate the numbers and make some assumptions.

    Here are my assumptions:

    • 70% of the player base is on Console and 30% of player base is on PC

    • 80% of PC players are on Steam and 20% are on Microsoft Store

    If these assumptions are correct there here is what we know:

    • Steamcharts accounts for 24% of the total player count

    • The peak number of players in the past 24-hours on Steamcharts is 87

    • The total peak number of concurrent players accross all platforms in the past 24-hours is 363 players

    • The number of peak daily players has dropped by 89% since March 25th.

    • The number of peak concurrent players across all platforms was 3,450 on March 25th and now, on May 4th, it is 363.

    A drop in player count after launch is to be expected, but almost 90%?!? That's pretty extreme.

    The reason why they players are dropping off isn't because of the quality of the game. The gameplay is smooth and intuitive, the graphics look amazing, and there isn't a bunch of showstopping bugs.

    The reason people stop playing so quickly is that there is no built in reward system. The game doesn't have any built in triggers that give the player a regular hit of Dopamine.

    That's the reason we play games isn't it? To constantly trigger that reward system in our bodies called dopamine. Gamers are addicted to the stuff. And, if they don't get it. they will quickly move on to different games.

    There needs to be a feeling of accomplishment. And it needs to come often. A ranked system can achieve this. Remember that the more work it takes to get the reward the bigger the dopamine hit the player gets. Every good game has a grind and results in a reward.

    This is why ranked systems work.

  • Yes, yes, and yes.
    Actually you brought up a good example : League of Legends.
    From a technical perspective, it's not even a good game! Because Riot wants it to appeal to everyone (new players mostly) So they make huge changes to the game that completely ruins it for a lot of older players. The community is beyond toxic, to the point that it's not fun at all. So why so many people play it? Because of the competition. The feeling of accomplishment. They have had so much progress that they can't quit. I keep playing BE because I want to be decent when the ranked mode hits, but I assume that's not the case for a lot of other players.
    Speaking of Riot, everyone is talking about this new game called Valorant. Although it's just come out, it's generic as hell, and does not have much to offer right now, people are going crazy about it. I'm sure if the exact same game was made by some indie studio, nobody would give a $hit about it. Just like BE. The game is really good, but nobody cares because there are no "fancy" names behind it. And unfortunately, passion projects are always overshadowed by brands.

  • @Omid-RG Thanks for your comments. This is a fun discussion.

    I've played every MOBA out there and League of Legends is by far the best. That's why LoL has the largest player base of any game on the planet. It's because Riot is building the game as a competitive eSport. All of their programming changes are made with the specific purpose of making the game more competitive.

    As for the toxic community, it is natural for competitive games to end up with a toxic community. This is because it's really irritating to lose your ranking due to a teammate who is poorly skilled or one who is intentionally trolling and most people don't have the ability to hold their tongue.

    That being said, Bleeding Edge could take some lessons from the Riot on how to build a successful game.

    The reason Riot is wildly successful with League of Legends, Valorant, and Runeterra is because they put a huge focus on giving the players a reason to play. The investment the players make to "Get good" is so great that they feel they have to keep playing.

    Despite our disagreement on Riot's games, I think we both agree that BE needs to give players are reason to keep playing and a sense of personal investment.

  • Hello,

    I also love bleeding edge been an old LoL player and a wow arena player, I love everything about it only things I have seen missing is reason to stay playing but I still have put in crazy hours in past few days. I think a ranking system would 100% bring back a lot of the players it had also maybe introduce more players new competitive players.

    Ranking Tiers : Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
    Leaderboards : K/D ratio Wins
    Characters : Skins , New Characters even pay for packages if it helps the dev team more
    Streamers : Get in touch with top streamers get them to try it I'm sure there is streamers out there who would love this game watch a lot of twitch and mixer and would like to watch this game been streamed .
    Tournaments : obviously more later down the road I think even for unlocks more so than money!

    I really hope this game stays alive as I love playing it every chance I get.

  • @David00011011 said in The game is gonna die fast without ranked.:

    My recommendations to the devs is to drop whatever you're doing and put all efforts into giving players a reason to play.

    Steamcharts are already showing an average of a meager 104 concurrent players in the last 30 days. This game could be great. But Ninja Theory is going to be out of business before the game gets rolling.

    Who needa a polished game that lost its window to attract players.
    I also don't fell to grind for anything (except of getting better and fun). Im lvl 43 and have 3 maxed out characters and loads of both currencies.
    What now?

    Ninja Theory, please make ranked!

  • I absolutely agree that the game needs a ranked mode BUT having ranked too early might actually hurt the game because it will be compared with all the big boys on e-sports.

    What I think they should do, is add more game modes first. They don't even have to be that innovative. A deathmatch mode, a team deathmatch mode, and a capture the flag will mix things up quite a bit and help in the long run. Going ranked with only two modes, twelve characters, and five maps seems a disaster in the making.

    That said, I would like to believe that Bleeding Edge is to sell game passes on the Xbox (like sea of thieves), since as much as I love the game, €30 is too much for what it offers but €12/month as part of the game pass makes a lot more sense. So maybe they have the luxury to take it slow and add quality content without bleeding money to the point of bankruptcy. I am probably theroy-crafting here, but I hope Microsoft is willing to give the part of Ninja Theory that is working on Bleeding Edge (everyone else is probably working on Senua 2 for series X) the time they need.

    The game needs to eventually have a ranked mode, no question about it. But I much rather see the game adding more variety first, rather than getting pushed to become the next go-pro-or-go-home twitch sensation that people prefer to watch than actually play.

  • Vai mesmo, nao adianta eu jogar fantasticamente por que o restante do time faz questao de jogar mal e perder. Jogar uma partida equilibrada é 1 em 1 milhão.
    lamentavelmente é um jogo fadado ao fracasso, parabens Microsoft, parabens Ninja Theory pela forma de trabalhar o jogo ser tão infeliz e ineficaz.

  • Although I agree that introducing rank mode too early would probably hinder the game, nothing is preventing the team from introducing a group vs group option. It doesn't require anything extra as they are riding on top of the API for the Xbox platform and more than likely is represented as a guid or object. All that needs to be done is a new option on the menu that allows potentially an invite sent out to the other group. This would enable the ability for tournaments and eSports to at least be tested. I'm not understanding how that derails the dev team so catastrophically from doing clean up efforts and balancing. You introduced a brand new character, emotes, and accessories, but can't do that? Doesn't that require more effort then just incorporating code that already exists? Modeling, sound, and design? It just feels like that there is no ambition or vision for this game to go any further than casual and onto the next project when you literally have something that could generate more revenue then the short sighted income of selling the game.

  • @David00011011 I hate rank. Leave it out. Metawhores suck.