• RE: Joining a LOSING game??!!!

    Are you saying you backfilled 3 times in a row man? That sounds like you're in leaver queue which would explain it.

    But yeah I backfilled yesterday to the defeat screen before I'd even loaded in and it kinda bugged out for a second lol. Not sure if there's a great solution to this, but the option to surrender a match is absolutely necessary.

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  • RE: Dedicated cancel to hoverboard mounting

    @Juju4666 You'd have to be pressing to move really early then. There's a small buffer time where you can start pressing to move and it doesn't cancel mounting, at least half a second to a second long. Just aim for that window of time.

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  • Please do something about locking enemy


    Sometimes with zerocool, I feel my locking is really bad. I have a video to illustrate what i am talking about.


    Like you see, Zerocool try to shoot an enemy in the opposite side of the map ! I really want to switch the target, but it's impossible ! It feels bad and not smooth. Please do something about this because it happen to me a lot of times with zerocool and it's really frustrating.

    Sorry for my english

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  • Project xCloud, Sea Of Thieves "Gold Boarder" Hoverboard & Patch Notes (03/30/2020)!

    Check out my new video for more info!


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  • DOJO Improvement idea : Being able to change mods in the Dojo itself

    Hi there,

    It would be great if we could change the "Mods" in the Dojo directly, without having to leave the Dojo and go to the Workshop. Then we could try out different builds with our fighters.

    It's a real pain to leave the Dojo, go back two menus, to enter the workshop, change the build and then leave the workshop to go back to the Dojo again.

    It's not very user-friendly, to be honest.

    The Dojo is supposed to be for training, to try out new tactics and, of course, new builds.

    I take this opportunity to thank you for this fantastic game 🙂

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  • RE: Miko QOL ideas

    As a Miko main, I have to disagree, she's actually got great survivability and sustain and has some of the best defensive cooldowns in the game. If her HP was higher, she'd be op. It is however absolutely essential to learn how to parry because that immensely increases her survivability, but that goes for every character in the game. To be competitive everyone with the ability to parry needs to learn the mechanic and practice it in the dojo. You'll be amazed at how much better you become at surviving melee pressure. She does indeed have the lowest damage in the game, but between her freeze and the fact that melee has hit stun she's amazing at keeping someone off her as well as locking down an enemy kill target for the team, or doing something like keeping an enemy gizmo pressued while your team secures a kill on the enemy support.

    For mods, you pretty much always want the 20% movement speed on taking damage, especially if you're already having problems staying alive in fights. The only time I don't run it is when I'm solo healing and run 12% chain heal, 1s cd reduction on chain heal when it bounces, and 0.5s increased freeze.

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  • RE: Why I won't buy this game (Xbox Game Pass)

    You absolutely do not have to use a controller. Both input methods are equal and you should just use whatever you're used to. That being said, on PC I recommend people set lock-on to toggle, and set targeting to camera for both options rather than auto or whatever the default is.

    As for aiming the abilities, well, that's part of the game. Nothing is a skillshot with the level of skill ceiling as battlerite, but that's necessary for the game to be playable on a limited device like a controller. When you're locked on to an enemy, the default location of an ability will be at their feet. This will let you quickly throw an ability like gizmos bomb at your enemy and be able to manually adjust it to where you want. A tap is just dead on your target, and holding it will allow for a quick adjustment if neccesary. Sometimes for an ability like kulev's totem or zero's wall it makes more sense to remove lock-on first so your ability isn't going directly to the enemy.

    As for the 60 fps cap, it's already been announced as a plan. The game will always internally function as a 60 fps game (think of it as a tickrate of 60), but on a capable pc it will render at a higher rate for a smoother image. This will allow pc players to play like we're used to playing but not provide a competitive advantage over console players which is important to maintain competitive integrity. We'll still have input at 120hz+, but my understanding is that we'll essentially be seeing interpolated frames rather than having an actual latency advantage. It'll definitely make everything look nicer and make the mouse input feel even better though.

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  • RE: Matchmaking Balancing

    It can be rough sometimes for sure and a lot of it is down to SBMM. If you're performing well one day then get ready to match with people that have barely played 10 games just to handicap you down to around 50% w/r. At the same time it is unrealistic to expect 4 stacks to always match vs other 4 stacks because there's simply not enough 4 stacks around.

    It doesn't bother me too much although would much prefer SBMM not to be a thing but it's pretty much expected in online games nowadays. The thing that really bothers me is 20% of my games have been backfills into a defeat screen like you also mentioned. When the Leaver's Penalty is meant to prioritise you into those queues yet I've never left a match early and I'll still go 5 out of 6 games in a row where I'm just backfilling, it just encourages me to leave lol

    I'm pretty content on just playing for practice until Ranked/Customs but I understand most want a lot more out of their experience right now.

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