Joining a LOSING game??!!!

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    @Warango76 Yeah it sucks but this game already has a long wait time when someone leaves your game, and with fighting as a team being as important as it is not filling empty spots is dooming a team to fail.
    But joinging three late matches in a row does suck.
    Instead i think a good fix would be ensuring a single person doesn't join several late matches in a row, and removing any defeat stat when in a late match.

    That's fair. Personally I don't mind joining losing matches as I've been lucky enough to be in some that really turn it around, plus I get the 10 mod currency as a completion bonus. However I'll also accept I've got a lot of time to play where others don't, and I can see the frustration. It doesn't help with K:D ratio either if that's a concern. 😞

  • When I join a game and we are losing 400 - 0, I don't even try, I just wait until the match ends

  • Are you saying you backfilled 3 times in a row man? That sounds like you're in leaver queue which would explain it.

    But yeah I backfilled yesterday to the defeat screen before I'd even loaded in and it kinda bugged out for a second lol. Not sure if there's a great solution to this, but the option to surrender a match is absolutely necessary.

  • @Warango76 Just quit and find a new game. I do it all the time. If your team doesn't want to communicate and work together then just simply quit and find a new game. Hopefully you're playing this for free like the majority of us, if not, oh well get a refund. This game is not worth $30. Should be free 2 play.

  • I know how you feel. It would be a lot better if this game had lobbies. At least you could queue into a game where your team is losing and you would know you'll be starting a fresh match if you stay in that lobby.

  • I feel the back fill system needs a few tweaks, but is fine considering how many ppl are willing to quit and ruin the game for others, it's not fair on the ones left in the match if they don't get a replacement.

    Overall though there needs to be an actual punishment for leavers, as of right now the back fill system doesn't do anything but frustrate those who never leave games like myself, and makes it easy for those who are likely to quit when things start going south, they can just bail and requeue no worries.

    I would suggest a system similar to League of Legends lobby dodge, so if you leave one game you have a 5 min wait time, leave another 15, scaling upwards. This way those who are prone to quit might think twice about doing so, and the rest of us can have a break from them in queue while they sit out their time.

  • My suggestion for this problem is to maybe not apply an endgame result to the late joiner's history at all and instead give like double the endgame rewards if a loss and triple if somehow there's a turnaround. That way it will be quick credits/xp/modparts if you lose or a really decent payout should you manage to rally with the team to make a comeback without any risk to your match history.

    Regardless leaving the game as soon as you join might not be fair to those players who have actually stuck around to keep trying to win from behind. It's better for the playerbase to respect that kind of drive, not punish it by abandoning them. After all, they're the ones who had to deal with people leaving in the first place despite their efforts. I mean, yeah, sure, they could be playing really bad, causing the leaver to leave but at least they are willing to still try and in the end, those are the people would improve the most over time.

    If you're a leaver, that's probably all you're ever gonna be. And you're just gonna screw yourselves out of exp and credits/modparts in the process.

    Seriously like, I've seen Objective Control comebacks from like 100-590. Not f**king many but still it can and does happen! And you know what happens? The losers have a great game that ended up being super close while the winners experience the euphoria of such an epic comeback. Both sides get endgame rewards. Leavers, they get absolutely nothing!

  • @Warango76 well, it's really handy, I got more than one leaver penalty for game crash, and guess what? I joined ending matches so that made me lose a bog quantity of time less, which I like a lot, who cares if it's win or not, I don't count them as losses. I always hope for it when I get a leaver penalty

  • @TheRedVisor
    They need to implement a loss forgiveness for the person who joins late and no one else. Its ridiculous to screw people over on stats they work hard for even if its one loss. A loss forgiveness system would help greatly, say if someone joins and their team has a gap in score of over 300 or 30 (depending on the mode)

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