• RE: living in south africa here cant find any matches. why is this

    @XxAlphaxX9847-0 I'd make sure you check the support centre via the link at the top of this page, you can send a message directly to the support team who will happily troubleshoot connectivity problems with you and try to provide the best assistance possible.

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  • RE: The Misfit's Guide to Bleeding Edge (2): Mechanics


    Both guides are really detailed and interesting, they definitely show a lot of hard work and thought. Thank you for making these and I hope they help any players looking for a little more insight into the world of Bleeding Edge combat!

    alt text

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  • RE: Too much silence from the dev team

    We do our best to communicate with our players via the Discord, Subreddit, Forums, main website and social media channels whenever there is something for us to share. Most recently we released the Bleeding Edge official Soundtrack and before that was our largest patch to date.

    A member of the team is always reading what's being posted anywhere about Bleeding Edge and we're always doing our best to communicate.

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  • RE: Address toxic culture

    I did reply already about some of our tools for protecting players from toxicity and for reporting rule breaking behaviour, but I also want to mention that blocking, muting, using the chat filter (which should be on by default) and selecting to join or leave game chat are all available for players during the game.

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  • RE: Leaderboards Feedback


    Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed break down of your experiences with the leader boards, there's a lot of interesting information here and it's all helpful.

    I've already shared a link to this thread with the rest of the team so we can go over the points raised.

    Thanks again for your continued support!

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  • RE: New update


    I'm not sure why you had to re-download the game again following the latest update, this was a patch containing some hotfixes and improvements. I will investigate the issue further and see why this happened.

    Naturally whenever we release a large content update into a live game there are few things that need a little fix afterwards to ensure the game continues running smoothly.

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  • RE: Address toxic culture


    Hi guys,

    I wanted to reply to this to just let you know that Ninja Theory has zero tolerance for any toxic or rule breaking behaviour in game.

    The in game reporting tool will capture information from the match in question and send a detailed report to a member of the support team, they will then manually investigate this report take any actions deemed necessary based on the content of the report.

    We do not discuss actions taken against a player with anyone other than the player themselves, this is to protect their personal privacy. Because we do not share the actions we take does not mean we take no action at all, reports are handled daily and we actively monitor and check the game and our social channels to take action against any toxic behaviour.

    We employ a variety of automated tools and provide players with options to help prevent toxic behaviour from ruining their Bleeding Edge experience, things like muting or reporting a player can go a long way to helping us ensure Bleeding Edge remains a fun and safe online environment for everyone.

    We have more information about bans and warnings on the official Bleeding Edge Support Centre.

    We also have information on our Bleeding Edge Helpers who actively monitor the game and social channels including forums and discord 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    I hope the information I have provided here helps answer you questions, please continue to use the in game reporting tool to help us take action against toxic behaviour.


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