Ranked Mode [Community Feature Request]

  • Since the feature will not be available at launch, I am making this post with the hope of promoting the communities interest in implementing such a feature shortly after launch.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts on:

    (1) If you would like to see the addition of a ranked mode?
    (2) What structure ranked mode should follow (e.g. tiers, season duration, etc.)
    (3) What key elements you feel would be required to make the mode successful? (e.g. fighter lock, role lock, etc.)

    I’m hopeful the feature will come shortly after launch if the community makes their interest in such a feature known.

    See you all at the Bleeding Edge!

  • It has been stated that ranked mode will be coming to Bleeding Edge. Apparently most media have said that the devs are treating ranked as a "High priority" and that gets me super excited. Personally, for me, to see the most common things in ranked could have inspiration taken from both Overwatch and Paladins.

    Some things that could work well in terms of ideas could stem from:

    • Ranked seasons going for roughly 2-3 months with about 10 placement matches, depending on match time averages and general feedback on the speed of the game.
    • I'm assuming there will be little to no changes to the current mod system for ranked, as they do not provide that much of an advantage (except the healing reduction mods, they seem kinda very strong idk)
    • Having specific rewards for either getting to a certain rank, or an additional credit system, Ranked Points for example to unlock certain cosmetics, emotes, weapon skins etc. For example, a gold variant of every weapon would be beyond cool.
      They could take a lot of elements from other games, whether they want a Bronze-GM style, or go individual ranks (Bronze IV to I f.e.). I'm excited for the future. Playing for the first time this Friday

  • @Chris3262

    I think you should base the ranked mode off of shinobi strikers and my reason why is because that game is a 4v4 objective based fighter with a similar game mode and class system. The rank system they use is a letter grade with each letter having different levels like s1 s2 s3 etc.

    The best part of the system they use which I think should be implemented in this game is a performance based system rather then wins and losses, you earn points in game by claiming objectives killing enemies healing allies etc. That then go to giving you a grade for the match, that grade then decides how much points you earn for your rank.The reason this system is perfect is because a player who wins but sits in base doing nothing would score 0 points except for a win bonus thus scoring a D and 0 points. On the other side you could have a player who does everything in his power to win but his partners do nothing so he loses, and even though he doesnt get the win bonus he scores s grade and max points towards his rank.

    I was a top ranked player in shinobi strikers for multiple seasons I was number 45th i. The world for a season then 32nd and the last season I played I was 4rth in the world and i did all that while being a solo player. I think that is the best system in a team based game so solo que players arnt punished for not having friends... I'd love to hear your response and opinions because I love this game and have been playing it non stop since you released it, I have ambitions of being a top ranked player In this game so I'd love to help any way I can.

  • @Chris3262

    Thanks for the post, we do read everything our players send us and we are aware that many of you are interested in a ranked mode.

    At this moment in time we're dedicated to making fixes and improving the over all experience with Bleeding Edge so every player has a positive time playing the game.

    Once we're satisfied the game has reached that point we will be letting the community know more about any planned features and upcoming content we may have.

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  • I concur with both @Chris3262 and @AllBiteTTV on those suggestions. Additionally, in regards to normal/ranked matchmaking criteria, please give us customizable search options. For example, as a solo player I do not want to be paired with/versus a team of 3 or 4. In fact, I would prefer to only play against other solo players. I realize this may extend my que times, which I’m perfectly fine with, but others might not be. I propose adding customized search criteria during any game mode to allow players a choice in how they want to play your game. Other examples would be: ping quality, geo location, skill level, and role selection.

    For whatever reason game developers have steered away from this. If I’m not satisfied with my ability to find a game, it’s a very simple solution, I change my search criteria. If you decide not to add this feature or it’s implausible. DO NOT matchmake solos versus teams of 3 or 4, while their team consists of only other solos or a duo. This creates an extremely unbalanced matchmaking experience.

  • I can't wait for ranked, but for a game like this they 100% need to do a few things differently.

    (1) Of course but only if the penalties for leaving are immediate temporary bans from ranked.

    (2) Individual skill rating system that grades you based off your positive impact on the game (getting cc that leads to a kill, winning 1v1s, attacking targets who attack the healer, keeping your teammate's as high as possible as a healer, etc) If your improvement in ranked tiers is based on something as basic as winning or losing then no one in their right mind would play ranked without a 4-stack because otherwise you're leaving your own rank up to the other 3 players on your team.

    (3) Having more mods. Even if its just for ranked having only one more mod slot would create a huge amount of build variety for each character and reduce time to kill which would allow/challenge each individual player to both team-up effectively and prove their individual worth in each fight being able to do more on their own

  • YES! This page is full of amazing ideas which I cannot wait for ranked to be introduced for this game. I already have a party of four and have tested play styles and teamwork.

    First of all kudos to everyone here being involved and making a difference. Let's keep the community big and positive vibes all around.

    My thoughts towards a ranking system involves roles. Of course kills and objectives should be counted towards skill as well as participation kills. My idea is to implement bonus rank points for out playing as your role such as Tank, Healer, DPS, Support. In this way even if you still lose you are granted bonus points for reaching goals in your role every game that way gamers aren't playing a tank character and just goes straight damage mods. I agree on keeping mods of three only because it gives you just enough options to play your role not multiple roles.

    Ultimately, lets keep rank team based and not one person dominating the game and stealing all the rank points but instead gaining a ton of bonus points for playing well as that role.

  • It would be very attractive for many competitive gamers if the ranked system had a anti-smurfing system in place to allow more accurate ranking and matchmaking in games.
    New players need to have a challenging but also (As individual skill improves) a rewarding series of games. Game difficulty should be linear and grow compounding the individual's rank.
    Further optimization of the game for much smoother gameplay and less clipping in intense fights would count as a blessing for us dedicated B.E. players.

  • The game's matchmakiNg system should remaiN simplistic & limited to a few options, I don`t thiNk a ranked mode would improve the game or the matchmakiNg system. @Chris3262

  • @Chris3262 I am very happy with this game,i really am. I would say this game needs ranked,there are always player that look for the
    Competitive side of things. Im one of those players,so.....

    1.Yes in Order to please the comptitive Playerbase.

    2.There should be Tiers (name of the Tiers could be game related, just on a personal note). For me its pretty lame, Bronze>Silver>Gold 😞 . Duration should be 2-3 Months, 10 placement Matches, penality for deserteurs (able to re-join if its just a disconnect) should be 20 minutes adding another 5 minutes for every time they leave. This penality time resets once a Week only. The Time between Seasons should be max. 2 Weeks. The Rewards could be Tier themed boosts / sticker for the Boards. Sticker on low Tier / Boost on mid tier / and Themed Boards on Hightier (this would be awesome actually)

    3.Only thing i could think of is that Matchmaking needs to be Conquest only,the mode with collect and deliver feels so random at some points...

    Your team is Dominating the whole game and its like 40-20 for your Team, some Daemon from the enemy team just collected the whole game and running around with enough to finish it in stealth...... You get caught in a Teamfight,2 Points are up and he finishes it on the one your far away from. Thats just.....meh.

    Otherwise is Bleeding Edge the best Game i played in a very long time,very rewarding for teamplay actions, very balanced.

    GG EZ - ZEROCOOL 2020

  • I think we need individual quick play queues for solo/duo and 4 stacks before ranked, would balance out the matches more and give those who stack more of a competitive atmosphere without a ranked system. I do want to see ranked in the near future, hopefully also with separate queues for solo/duo and stacks, but the game needs some fixes and more players before ranked should be implemented, imo. ❤

  • (1) I would love to see a Ranked mode addition.

    (2) I think the most familiar tier structure would be Bronze to Grandmaster. They could adjust the amount of levels within bronze-diamond from the typical five to three for a change. As for duration, I think 4 three-month seasons a year would be good.

    (3) I personally would love to see a pre-game vote ban. Where each team gets a chance to individually vote on 1 character to ban before the fighter selection begins. In the case where the team is split on who to ban, or there is a ban tie - the highest ranked player on the team's choice is selected. After that you have Fighter lock. I don't think role lock is necessary, but trolls have proven me wrong before.

  • @Catchphrase-Kam pre-game vote ban with 11 characters? ) are u nuts?

  • I have a few very good suggestions for ranked mode:

    1. Only solo vs solo! 1-1-1-1 // 1-1-1-1
    2. Players in party must have all four players to start search ranked games! 4 // 4