Air Combo Potential

  • Almost, if not all characters seems to already have an aerial attack combo, which potentially, could add more depth and variety to the combat mechanics.

    The problem is that it couldn't really be utilized to its full potential since there isn't any way to launch both the enemy and the player into the air together. NT could've learn from what they have done with DmC: Devil May Cry. Implementing a "High-Time"-like move shouldn't be that difficult.

    In addition, having "Air-Parry" can also increase more depth to the aerial combat. To make parrying more viable, a successful air parry suspends an entire string of the enemy's air combo completely until they hit the ground. If possible, lengthening the parry window a little bit would be really great.

    To sum up, I wish the game had air-combo system to add more depth to the melee combat.

  • Interesting 🤔 that would flavor the combat system a quite a bit more instead of using the same old basic move over and over again

  • Interesting ideas. I would not be remotely surprised if this is something they already have planned for future characters or new abilities.

  • I think there's generally a lack of vertical content currently, and the character abilities that can exploit verticality are really powerful, e.g. Zerocool's rocket boost.

  • Air combos were on of the first things I sat in the dojo for. Some characters can go from midair attacks, to landing to continue the combo like in a traditional fighting game. I think one of the main concerns with the idea of the air combo as a concept is that a lot of the moves are either a 2-3 hit hard knockdown combo or a slam that goes into the knockdown. I've used them as a "get off me" option (Jump then immediately press X) because sometimes it feels random if I actually get the air combo or the knockdown attack but depending on the character, it is a viable option. El Bastardo has a quick midair 1-2 knockback that is decent for peeling if you aren't being harassed yourself.

    I also fear that it may skew balance. Characters like Daemon can already instantly delete the likes of Maeve and Cass in one combo and since the midair juggle state is so powerful in this game since you can't dodge out during an air combo (or if one character is considered 'midair' while being hit). If this happens then it might not be much a "brawler" anymore.

  • I'd actually love if there were air combos but see the negatives behind it too. I have a conflicting take on genre's lol
    But you have games like Scott Pilgrim, Streets of Rage, Castle Crashers, the old TMNT, Simpsons and X-Men games that are classified as brawlers but have air combos/attacks. I've been referring to Bleeding Edge as melee-based. I'm not sure how locked-in the controls or mechanics are... but it would be exciting to see this and they could try adding air parries (like combo breakers in Mortal Kombat).

    And from a spectator standpoint, that'll be cool to watch.

  • @KylOcatOr I just made a post so damn similar to your about having more in depth combos in the game instead of the same “xxxx” basic attack. I even referenced dmc as well lol but I agree with everything you said along with I just wrote on my post today. Comment on it if you get a chance

  • I do find it annoying the mid-air attacks just seem to knock targets away rather than allow you to perform any sort of combo. This is most noticeable on Makutu, who can fairly easily knock both himself and you into the air. But once in the air, your choice is to mid-air attack and knock them away or slam attack and knock them down on the ground. The latter is almost always the better choice.

    Changes here would need to be carefully made though, as I don't expect mid-air fights to occur much to begin with and it could end up doing more harm than good.

  • @Evade-This5965 and completely change the intent of the game. I wouldn't want that to happen, honestly.

  • @PricillaAtticus Combo breaker mechanics actually reminds me more of Killer Instinct tho. The CB system were so good.

  • some characters can jump and press basic attack.. but it slams the enemy down, which in turn, if they were smart enough, is a free evade without using stamina if you are knocked to the ground. but comboing while in air, i don't see how, you wouldn't be able to evade or parry while in air. but you can do air combos with the yellow jump pads through out the map by camping them, waiting for enemies to jump up to high ground.

  • @oO-HollyW-o-o-D So if you just tap the attack key, you won't slam down. If you hold it even briefly it'll do the slam attack. People use the slam way more often anyway since it's a good way to get some fast CC and damage out with a knockdown, so the aerial attacks are nice to have but not particularly important.