tier list/strongest and weakest characters

  • @AmazingVector I will agree that Nidhoggr is slow and has no escape abilities but his combo ability is pretty good if you have a player who really can play him. That's why I consider him to be in the S tier list.

    I literally destroyed a really good Miko player just by hitting "X, ,X ,X ,X > Combo Y > Z > V > RT > then X's (4)

  • I'm not seeing enough defense for makutu here so as a makutu main here's my thoughts (Devs if you're reading this ignore what I say and just give him a huge buff or remove evade form the game plz). For the lazier people there's a TL;DR at the bottom

    Makutu's greatest strength is his ability to not die, an ability people don't seem to use correctly. As you've been saying there are several characters who can end up dishing out large amounts of damage to other characters, this would usually end in their death unless makutu is around, I've found that several times I've charged into a DPS or two to save a teammates life and it usually pays off. pepeke stance gives makutu the highest base movement of any character apart from when Cass's passive kicks in, this speed makes it neccesarry for makutu's target to use stamina or abilities to escape, meaning they'll be at a disadvantage if they re-engage too quick. Makutu's ora stance is also incredibly useful; he is already the tankiest character in the game, but the ora stance enhances this by allowing him to passively self heal, not only making him sustainable in a fight but also allowing him to recover once a fight ends and making hit and run tactics innefective. On top of this, just like buttercup he can't be stunned by basic attacks making him dangerous to get close to.
    His abilities aren't useless either: repellent, despite being his worst ability, has a few uses; it does just enough damage and has just enough range to finish of critical targets, it can interrupt combos and put makutu just out of an enemies reach and it buys just enough time to capture a point or deposit some energy cells. His stance abilities also have their uses, ora stance gives makutu an AOE heal that also applies to himself, this can give him and his allies just enough health to make a getaway or continue fighting, pepeke stance allowes him to cleanse all negative movement effects and provide a small move speed boost to all nearby allies, making him a bit more annoying to hunt down. His charge is probably his most useful ability, it disrupts everything and can only be stopped by things like maeves cage or daemons sleep, useful abilities that would be better of saving if the victim survives, if the target connects with a wall they take significant damage and are now stunned, allowing for easy follow-up attacks; while this move is easy to doge if you can see it coming, it activates incredibly quickly and can catch an enemy of guard in close quarters, it can also be canceled at any point during the charge allowing makutu to follow up quickly even if the attacks miss. As for his ultimates, despite the fact they are quite weak compared to other characters, they are still useful: idk much about the ball ult but it can effectively keep a capture/delivery point clear while dealing out damage at the same time; as for the invincibility ult, it can save the whole team if used correctly and allows for some incredibly aggressive and disruptive plays on the enemy.
    Overall I'd say makutu is meant to be played as a shield to other characters: a makutu can easily hold off a Daemon or Cass attempting to take out a healer, and if a teammate is capturing a point or depositing energy then makutu almost assures their safety. In comparison to the other tanks I'd say that while buttercup and el bastardo are meant to be played agressively and offensively, makutu is better for agressively defending.

    As for his matchups, i'd say he kind've shakes the tier list up a bit:

    Daemon: in my experience, Daemon isn't much of a threat to makutu. daemons low health pool means that makutu can actually deal a sizeable amount of damage and the matchup usually ends with the Daemon running off after only taking out a quarter of makutu's health. A Daemon could try a hit and run strategy but ora stance would make it take too long to be viable and if the makutu's smart then they currently control the objective.

    Cass: Cass matchups end the same way as Daemon matchups usually, if Cass gets caught by makutu's charge then she'll be left on close to half health before being able to evade away. The Cass could try keeping makutu at range but pepeke stance can close enough distance to scare her off before she does significant damage.

    Ranged characters: these matchups are similar to Cass apart from the fact that they can take a few more hits before needing to retreat, a ranged fighter that's a bit too close to the tanks is a prime target for makutu's charge and will likely end up being forced out of the fight.

    That one melee healer that I can't remember the name of: it is almost necessary to use the freeze on an attacking makutu if this character wants to escape alive, her general lack of escape options makes makutu a huge threat and will end up with her dead if she runs out of stamina.

    Buttercup: buttercup has about an even matchup with makutu, as neither of them can be stunned by basic combos it just ends up as a slap fest until someone finally dies, buttercups biggest advantage is that the makutu can't really escape but both players will probably get bored before someone reaches low health

    Makutu: same as buttercup just longer

    Nidhogger(or however it's spelt): this is probably makutu's worst matchup, he doesn't really have the movement options to escape the fire and if the nidhogger is positioned correctly makutu can't get close without taking a fair bit of fire damage, however if the nidhogger uses all his abilities immediately then makutu can turn the tables with a well spaced charge

    Id say makutu is about A tier in terms of the beta. With a decent amount of teamwork he can be taken out fairly early on but otherwise he excels at keeping people away from the point or the rest of the team, the only thing he lacks is (the equivalent of) a parry.

    If you've got this far and still would say he's bad then please do because then he may get a buff and I'll be even more powerful

    TL;DR he can't kill he doesn't need to kill, just keep people away from the objective or the team; a thing he does very well. He's A tier.

  • Daemon: in my experience, Daemon isn't much of a threat to makutu. daemons low health pool means that makutu can actually deal a sizeable amount of damage and the matchup usually ends with the Daemon running off after only taking out a quarter of makutu's health. A Daemon could try a hit and run strategy but ora stance would make it take too long to be viable and if the makutu's smart then they currently control the objective.

    As a Daemon main this is so true 😿

    For Miko (the one that freezes people) he is a big threat to her but if played by the right user she can escape him with no problem. She's the only one out of all the characters who's stamina bar depletes very slowly when trying to evade. She can evade 4 times with a full stamina bar.

    Very good insight on Makutu though.

  • @IXTheCandyManXI Gizmo is who I would start to prioritize first over the healer as Nidhog. You have to be able to survive the time it takes to murder the healer lol.

  • @Double00Dusty Nid has a lot of health so it is really hard for a Gizmo to win the matchup, but Nid is not the fighter to deal with a Gizmo

  • @BLAZ3-Major comin in with the Makutu knowledge! Hell yes this is just what we needed in this discussion!

    You bring up a lot of interesting points about Makutu including his ability to deal with Daemon, which I either never experienced or didn't get to see. As I rewatch my Twitch Vods I do see him picked often in all levels, so I'm inclined to take these points into account as I do more research and edit the list in the coming days. Though I still feel like he is probably the weakest of the three tanks at a baseline, I am definitely reconsidering his position on the list as I am with a few other fighters. Did you stream your games at all @BLAZ3-Major ? I'd love to check out your vods if you do.

  • @BLAZ3-Major I am on board with you here. There seems to be a lot of surface-level hate for ol'boy Makutu. I clocked up around 10 hours with Makutu during the beta and tank in all of the competitive pvp games I play, so I feel I can chime in here.

    I think when compared to the other tanks Makutu doesn't tank in the same way. He is not a dive in and assassinate type of tank like El'bastardo or a positioning punish like Buttercup. Makutu is a disrupt tank, very similar to Winston or Hammond in overwatch.

    I think there are a few key things that need to be understood when it comes to tanking before we discuss the "effectiveness" of a tank. The primary objective of a tank is to "create space", by create space I mean creating an opportunity to deal damage or create physical space for a team to move onto an objective. They can do this by mitigating damage and/or drawing attention from the enemy team.

    So the key criteria for a useful tank are typically:

    • High sustain - either through high health or shields
    • Disrupt - A way to disrupt an enemy player (aka stun or knock-back)
    • Escape/Engage - They need a way to start a fight and then leave safely

    So with this in methodology in mind and some criteria to measure tank effectiveness against I think these points should be considered when ranking the tanks in the overall tier list

    High sustain - 5/5
    Disrupt - 4/5
    Escape/Engage - 2/5

    Makutu, imo has the highest sustain without a support (only second to El'Bastardo, depending on skill). His ability to disrupt falls onto his shoulder charge and "boop" abilities, on the surface these seem useless or trivial but when used with the goal of creating space these are some of the strongest abilities in the game. He does fall short when it comes to his escape and is reliant on his speed boost and should charge.

    Key mods: Cooldown on hit, increased heal burst, increased self-heal, 3 sec slow to players hit by "boop"

    High sustain - 2/5
    Disrupt - 5/5
    Escape/Engage - 4/5

    Buttercup on her own actually has very poor sustain and all of her threat and space creation comes in the form of constant damage. Her strongest utilities are her "hook/yank" and AOE slow. She speed boost is a great escape and she can charge people when coming off her mount.

    Key mods: ??? (need some input here)

    p.s: not too much experience with buttercup, would love someone with more experience to add to this.

    High sustain - 5/5
    Disrupt - 3/5
    Escape/Engage - 1/5

    El'bastardo has amazing sustain and in some cases pretty much unkillable when your time is abilities well. He doesn't have too much in the way of disrupting the enemy besides his stun on leap and this goes for escape and engage once you have used your leap your pretty much YOLO commenting into a fight.

    Key mods: ??? (need some input here)

    p.s: not too much experience with El'b, would love someone with more experience to add to this.

    Thats my two sents, I love these conversations would love to hear others opinions or chat more about this. 🙂

  • I also posted some damage numbers and combos I was testing for Makutu over on this thread: https://www.bleedingedge.com/forums/topic/550/makutu-combos/4

    just an fyi. 🙂

  • The tanks are really well done in this game. You have the fighter tank in bastardo, the initiation tank in buttercup and the support tank in makutu.

    Makutu isn’t bad he just doesn’t bring reliable cc like the other two. You have to be close to a wall to get the stun.

    Imo the best part about him is the varied combos he can do but unfortunately most people just dodge out of the combos. I think the only thing he needs is a faster attack speed so that he can access the combos and stuns that come later in the chain

  • It's too early for a Tier List.
    Interesting observations on how people faired with characters though.
    The right Team will make any character you select look S++.

  • @Azrael008uk While I'm inclined to agree, like I said earlier there was a shift in picks as I kept playing and getting more wins. It's too early for a definitive look, of course, but the point is really to stir some discussion and have a knowledge base at a glance going into Beta 2. There is a lot of great insight here already and for what it's worth, I'd like to keep it going.

    On Makutu

    I feel like noone here really hated Makutu, I feel that especially after seeing some testimonies I have a better grasp on how I should have approached him. Like I said earlier I feel he falls into the "utility tank" archetype where the other 2 are clearly offensive powerhouses. There is something to be said about taking advantage of his stances, because from what I'm reading he seems more like a playmaker than anything else. Though, at the same time, the impression I'm getting are unanimous in that his kit is very dynamic and situational. I definitely feel after reading some impressions that there was a lot of unexplored potential so that is awesome.

    Then again when I look back I don't think it gives him a leg up against the other tanks. It DOES make me reconsider the DPS hierarchy a bit, but I'd need to see some footage before I really care to move him specifically up in the ranks.

  • @AmazingVector said in tier list/strongest and weakest characters:
    Has anyone tried to hook or freeze Maeve during the combo? Shit Miko can even Bubble shield in response and Nidhoggr can Axe toss in response. Has noone clapped back against her?

    Of course, but then her third ability counters all of that, again with little to no complexity. She can just go poof and she's invisible AND invulnerable for the next few seconds. She has time to get out of the firing range, get some/find some healing, then her Cage is already off cooldown...rinse and repeat. Then she has the potential to use her abilities even more frequently with her Schadenfreude ability reset!

    @BLAZ3-Major said in tier list/strongest and weakest characters:
    Makutu's greatest strength is his ability to not die

    That is the problem with him though, he's too easy to kill right now. He's not completely garbage like some people say and there are certain situations where he is incredibly effective. He is a disrupter as I mentioned in a post above and in terms of recapturing the objective and sustaining your team a little he can be a real asset. But - he can't parry, he doesn't get flung back out of melee proximity, and his melee attacks are easy to parry as they are so slow. He is just too situational right now especially compared to the rest of the roster. Miko ironically has greater sustainability than him IMO.

    @Azrael008uk said in tier list/strongest and weakest characters:
    The right Team will make any character you select look S++.

    Yeah, this is the trump card to nearly every thread on this forum tbh 🙂

  • @x-AmberPrice I feel like if you can constantly chase her out then she just sort of ends up as a psuedo assassin type that can't truly confirm if she is isloated. You can dodge the cage on prediction and if you close the distance you get in before Siphon can kill or get a lot of healing back. Then she is a melee attack away from either running again or straight up dying. I know this is why she sucks against Cass, because you can her the pops when she blinks in and out (they are loud IMO) and she can't get that damage in before Cass gets in again to net the kill and re-engage. I feel like her biggest problem is the counterplay making her more prone to being dived on, forcing the vanish, then having a Daemon, Cass or even Miko or Nidhoggr being aware of her poof-in and just trying to get in. She sort of needs the team built around her from my experience. She just never got so out of hand she wiped the team that I saw.

    I also use the easily parried factor against Nidhoggr too. I do agree that when Makutu's combo gets to the animation where he comes down with the double-chop is super easy to parry. You get a lot of time to see it coming and 2 real chances to parry. I will say though the charge is something I guess I didn't see in totality where if the opponent hits the wall they get stunned. I don't think it happened to me, then again as a non-tank I try to avoid engaging them lol.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey everyone! After looking through footage, peeking the Discord and gathering all the information here, I have redone the tier list to more accurately reflect our consensus as a community. We have had a lot of discussion here the passed few days and it has been great. That being said, please be sure to drop any footage in the Twitch Clips thread, check the OP for the updated list, and let's keep talking!

  • When I did my testing the solo power results were:

    (30 being perfect)

    Buttercup: 2
    Cass: 19
    Daemon: 17
    El Bastardo: 11
    Gizmo: 12
    Kulev: 4
    Maeve: 18
    Makutu: 3
    Miko: 6
    Nidhoggr: 13
    ZeroCool: 0

    If I had to put my finger on a number I'd say the closer someone was to 12 the better they did in the beta. Prove me wrong 😉 !

  • @AmazingVector Had a read through your revised tier list, although I am sad Makutu is at the bottom I do agree with your points. Pretty happy with this as an overall initial outlook on the state of the heroes from beta. 👍

  • I'm baffled why anyone would believe El Bastardo is weak. Though I do get the point that he feels less like a tank than an Assassin. But that's the thing, Heavy just means you're good at weathering hits, which El Bastardo IS good at if he's going all out. His job is to force the enemy team to choose, to either try and take him down quickly, or go after others and let him completely disrupt their positioning. He's far better at disruption than Makutu, because he has very high damage threat and his shields to more to sustain him than Makutu's healing mid-battle.

    @x-AmberPrice said in tier list/strongest and weakest characters:

    That is the problem with him though, he's too easy to kill right now. He's not completely garbage like some people say and there are certain situations where he is incredibly effective.

    (On the topic of Makutu) I really and truly agree. I played him a bunch trying to figure him out and understand what he was good for. His pepeke stance and Leg-It provides such a worthless speed boost that melee's can land their full combo while you're running away, he doesn't have an evade or parry though he IS impossible to make flinch with hits, his Barge is fairly unwieldy and easy to miss, and his repellent though useful pushes enemies OUT of your effective range of damage... oh and his damage feels abysmal. The slap em good passive can REALLY lay down some damage, but only if they sit there and take it. Once their whole team is focusing you, you're gone in a second.

    But! Once I figured him out I won several games in a row and had a lot of fun as him. You play him kind of like Miko: stay with your team, peel for them using Barge/Repellent/Melee, try to keep them healthy and safe with some healing and cleanse, and don't bother chasing enemies just get your objectives. You're a buddy character, the kind of buddy a fighter like Gizmo really needs in order to shine as a top damage dealer, and Gizmo can EASILY out-damage others if someone is protecting her. (Hence why one posts says "omg she's broken" and another places her bottom tier like this one).

    Oh and Amber it's been nice talking with you in the forum. We happened to fight against each other during the beta while we were both playing Cass. It was a very close game in the aqueducts.

  • Hey there!

    Great list! Very interesting read 🙂

    I like playing kulev myself for similar reasons as to what you posted. I also find he can be quite slippery against a few enemies at once. Being able to hold off against a few foes by yourself for a little while creates for good opportunities to try and distract the enemy. Plus it’s always great luring an enemy towards you then bamboozling them into an environmental Hazard!

  • Yes! @TwangyGuitar193 Kulev is insanely good. Most people don't know, but his passive is probably the best in the game (Lucky Charm) it heals all the allies near him, also his other ultimate is so good (Boon-adding damage, speed, AND defense). I believe he was a bit underused cause he is a bit difficult (understanding when to Curse/positioning of the totem, and so on), but he is definitely my top 3 picks going into the following beta for sure!