Developer Update (opposite of community update)

  • In an attempt to close the rift between the dev team and community, I'll be trying to provide the equivalent of a "community update" but for the devs. This thread will try to summarize the state of the game and the game's community, so the devs can then analyse, interpret, and do their dev magic to move forward with the game.


    • Death glitch/Fake death/Divine intervention: It still happens very often that a target gets killed, the kill sound gets triggered, but then they just keep running like nothing has happened.
    • Invisible & ghost cell cannisters: Cell cannisters will either become invisible, and one will have to guess where they are and attempt to hit them, or they appear on the map as well as on the field as cell cannisters, but actually they're not real, and all your attacks will pass through them.
    • Chrysalis troll: Azrael can take an ally with them into his chrysalis, but cancel the ability quickly before the crystal has formed. This causes the ally to lose control of their character (while still being attached to azrael), and Azrael can proceed to troll/sabotage by running with them into environmental hazards/enemy team/etc.


    • Leaderboards: All the matches are now ranked matches, whether we have 3 new players against 4 experienced players, or we have trolls/leavers or just don't wish to play a competitive ranked game. All games will have consequences on your global rank. Also, we need clarification on how the leaderboards determines the ranks exactly, as we have no clue.
    • Ranked mode/Quickplay mode: A ranked mode is a super essential feature in any and every competitive multiplayer game in this day and age, and we desperately want a ranked mode with elos and stuff, as well as a quickplay mode that does not affect our global ranking.
    • Punishment system not helping: Same players are trolling and sabotaging games for months. We've sent hundreds of reports but we always see the same players trolling in the same way.
    • Matchmaker: Experienced players are very tired of playing with/against brand new players who drag the overall quality of the match down. We need a solution.

    The community is extremely upset and unhappy about the silent treatment its been receiving for the past 3 and half months. Our feedback and suggestions remain to be ignored (or never confirmed to have been read) and we generally feel disrespected.
    Not every form of communication with us has to be an update; we just want simple replies sometimes.

    I left out everything involving the need for content updates and/or balancing changes. Rather I'm focusing on the root/fundamental problems that need to be lifted before we can move forward and enjoy the luxury of content updates.

  • Since azriel pacht goes live and mainly we doesn't have a real ranked mode,they could add a option for be able to choose ,before you start searching for a game,if you want activate leaderboard for affect your rank in a macht or deactivate for doesn't affect your rank in a lost/win and statics during that macht(but not will be possible if you are a top player, because would have people whose will abuse using this for help others grown up their ranks,soo Smurfs unfortunately would be a valuable option for your rank doesn't be real affected in your main account),for be able BE be truly enjoyeble as casual(whose wouldn't be truly enjoyeble because of people who doesn't know basic, toxicity with a report system whose seems doesn't work, and lot of bad balanced games with also client and some bugs sometimes....but would be something).

    Machtmaking search wouldn't (and shouldn't ) be affected, because you can found people who are playing without affect your rank or/and are with rank whose can be affecteed.

    That would solve the "always a ranked mode" problem tbh.

  • @Surrtan I bookmarked this 🙂

  • @Surrtan As per usual, you continue to be a pillar of this community, dude! Thank you!

  • I wish they eventually see this... if they even care to go to the forums...

  • Yep, this is definitely a great place to start, however the 1st section is definitely not inclusive to all of the technical problems that need fixing. Just off the top of my head as I'm bored on a Wednesday afternoon, I can think of:

    • Makutu voice line saying point A when selecting point C and vice versa
    • Queue randomly breaking, cancelling and then need to restart the whole game
    • If Maeve lands a Cage on Azrael Chrysalis in the air then it falls to the ground
    • In-game audio breaking frequently, especially lack of sound in backfills
    • Sometimes, if your controller disconnects during the pre-lobby screen, your screen will be greyed out (as if you needed to re-connect your controller, just without the actual prompt) and you will be unable to move once you have selected your character.
    • Buttercup loses stamina when charged whilst burling
    • Buttercup's hook goes through some solid objects
    • Unbearable freezes/frame rate drops multiple times a match. Text Chat usually crashes my game completely.
    • In-game team chat always seems temperamental despite all options being correct.
    • Certain mods don't work at all e.g getting Can't Touch Us 25% quicker (thank god tbh) and Azrael Soul damage % increase.
    • Cells get stuck under the map on Jersey Sink, in the mini trains on Landslide and other random places
    • Kill feed doubles regularly
    • Getting stuck in specific map spots e.g Boneyard under Point B
    • Zero walls can be extremely temperamental, especially when high ground to low ground and vice versa
    • You can parry a curse and it can also cancel stuff like cass swoop and makutu barge
    • Mekko shield won't recharge sometimes when bubble breaks
    • If lifeline cancels while mekko is surging, it cancels surge. Might be intended but just feels weird.
    • Bastardo shouldn't fall into Makutu's Charge if he Leaps on him from behind
    • Katamori can juggle infinitely if next to a wall
    • Health pack in the corner near the electric fence on Aqueducts often has a weird invisible wall
    • Gizmo bouncer gets stuck, places weirdly, places and can't be used, won't place on perfectly normal ground, etc
    • Hydrocore fire doesn't register for a full 2 seconds, can also kill if you walk close to the edge above.
    • You can peek a brew to spawn on sky gardens
    • If you jump and use oil slick as butter you get a speed boost
    • Burnout doesn't work at all sometimes. Just doesn't register the input
    • Super icon randomly changes during fights so you can't see its percentage
    • Killing blow sounds when you don't get killing blow, can be especially annoying as maeve with schadenfreude
    • Cell Mates Cage is really weird, if you get close enough you can still fire some projectiles inside e.g. Daemon shuriken.
    • The radius on the bomb in Dying Gift when it drops often shows as too small, if you're standing outside of the circle you still get hit sometimes.

    It does make me sad that there are so many of the same bugs I run into daily to the point I'm just numb to them all. There are some that I can live with and I obviously expect things to go wrong sometimes, but a lot of these genuinely hinder the experience, are relatively common, have been a thing since Alpha and Beta and have been given as feedback multiple times. I do wonder how many new players have been turned off by the technical issues alone.

    ...but looking at Discord and seeing devs unaware of Azrael's DPS mod not working and Makutu's Fighter page not up to date, I'd wager the majority of these have also somehow blown under the noses of those who "read all feedback". 🙂