Matchmaking is a joke

  • I currently have a total play time of 3 days and 14 hours, but I'm getting grouped up with people who have less than 12 hours.

    I understand that new people are joining because the game is growing, but it's not fair to the veteran players who are forced to pair up with them. Even one weak link in the team means failure, and it's an automatic loss when there's 2 inexperienced team members.

    I understand that the que times will be messed up if there are more limitations, but I'm here to play a team based strategy, not a ADHD driven Fortnite. I'm more than willing to wait an extra 5-10 minutes for a game if it means I'll be matched with people at my skill level.

    I've seen new players dive into a 4v1 situation like it's call of duty double XP weekend.

    I've seen new players watch their teammates get blasted from a distance.

    I've seen new players who don't even understand the core mechanics of dodging and get comboed to death.

    I've seen new players pay literally zero attention to the objectives the entire game.

    I've seen new players as healers who have done less than 1,000 healing the whole game.

    The list goes on and on, and I keep thinking that it's my fault somehow. Like it's something that I'm doing that making us lose, but then I peek the scoreboard and watch the low numbers all the way across from my teammates and realize that inexperience is to blame.

    I'm then forced to wait 10 to 15 minutes because of leavers penalty until finally the enemy team kills enough of my teammates to win the match.

    It's a bad joke that never ends, and I'm hoping that somebody, anybody feels the same way I do.

  • Believe me, you're not alone. We are all frustrated over this same issue, and by "we" I mean solo players who have invested time and energy to learn and improve at the game.

  • @ViciousCJB If you follow this forum and the subreddit, you'll know we all feel the same way really. It sucks but the devs can only do so much. There's only a small handful of them who can actually implement improvements and those take time to figure out to begin with, so seriously cut them some slack. People post about matchmaking almost every day so it's safe to say the devs are well aware of the problems. They'll sort it eventually. Those of us who love this game should be stoked we have so many new players popping up since the last update. Sure it's gonna be frustrating but giving them positive legit advice to play better can really help. And for the record, I've seen players over level 50 making all of those same mistakes so I wouldn't be too hard on the new players about it, at least they have a good reason.

  • @ViciousCJB When and If this game gets a lot more people, the devs will need to have their priorities in check when it comes to matchmaking. There are other character team based games out there that have all the players in the world, but the matchmaking still sucks ass because the company cares too much about money they can make off of costumes, or their esports division that needs a new stadium. Devs that would work on better matchmaking end up working on other things instead, or take forever to make it better. I hope Ninja Theory decides they really want to have good matchmaking and they implement it.

    Also, if we get more players PLEEEEEEEASE dont smerf lol. And don't troll or be descriminating to the devs or other players. The devs will end up spending more time on toxic people then they would on making the actual game better. 🙂

  • @GattlingCombo In fairness, matchmaking is a difficult networking task even when you have enough players to keep queue times low. Also bare in mind, NT are known for singleplayer games and as far as I know, BE is their first proper step into online multiplayer scene. We need to cut them some slack.

  • Ninja Theory is not a perfect developer nor are their games, or any other developer or their games. (Hate to break it to blizzard or star citizen fans). And you are right matchmaking is not easy. But players aren't gonna cut another player slack because they were on a team filled with people who just started playing. They aren't gonna cut you slack if you are learning a new character and you aren't doing as well as the other players who are using their mains. People won't cut you slack if you are lvl 15 and the enemy team is 60+. Yes that does make a difference. The enemy team won't give a fuck. They just want to kick your ass regardless of your level. Fundamental things like matchmaking will just create player casualties. Players will just get shit on constantly because of things that aren't actually their fault. They will get told "just try harder, go to practice mode." Most people will blame the player and not the developer for how matchmaking is. It isn't fair for the player.

    I'll use another example lol. No one cut me slack as an El Dragon player in Battleborn after he got nerfed to the ground to the point where he wasn't useable anymore. This was due to literally 4 or 5 players who were so good with him, they rolled EVERYONE. But we shouldn't expect the dev to balance the game better any time soon because they made other games.

    Now, it also isn't fair for the developer to not have more people or resources to make the game better either. In this case I could blame the publisher. I'm not hating on Ninja Theory or saying they suck. I just know that so many other games like this have more then enough players, and matchmaking still gets ignored. For example, tweets of a league of legends dev saying they would improve the matchmaking on higher ranked players, but bronze and silver won't get touched yet. Which is a ranked area that is riddled with smerfs, some of which make youtube videos off of those games.

    long posts I type alot =/

  • @GattlingCombo said in Matchmaking is a joke:

    players aren't gonna cut another player slack because they were on a team filled with people who just started playing. They aren't gonna cut you slack if you are learning a new character and you aren't doing as well as the other players who are using their mains.

    It sucks that this is true and personally I think it sets a bad example. Just because an established player wasn't cut slack when starting out doesn't mean they should deny new players that courtesy as well. Like if the game is so one-sided anyways, you might as well try teach them something, at least then there's a chance they'll cop on quickly and together ye manage to turn a game around. Otherwise you're just setting yourself up for a bad experience totally out of your control where no one gets any better, you can't coordinate at all and just get stomped, again, like the last time you were with these new players and just like the next time you'll be with them.

    Until NT can actually get around to fixing the matchmaking somewhat, I sincerely it's the best thing we can do to avoid getting needlessly angry at each other. Besides, if we successfully become a 90% friendly, supportive community (I know, fat chance, right?), that could really benefit the game. I don't know about you but if given the choice between a mediocre game with a community known for helping new players vs a great game known for being toxic AF, I'll try the mediocre game every time.

    Also I think we should meme the hell out of the bad matchmaking so we can at least laugh at it 😜