General feedback concerning community matters

  • After spending 500 hours on this game, I believe that it is time I give feedback; not for potential future players, but for the developers. Hopefully giving them an idea or 2 in the process. Here goes:

    Bleeding Edge is easily, and by far my favorite game that I have ever played. The core of the game is so unique that there is nothing like it on the market, and the execution is as beautiful as one would expect from Ninja Theory who have a rich history with combat action games.
    However, the fact that Ninja Theory is a lot more experienced in making single player games is visible in this game. While the design, the art, the combat and general gameplay is absolutely fantastic, the features that make out a multiplayer game are proving to be a challenge. But I'm willing to be patient as the devs get the hang of running a successful multiplayer game, and hopefully be able to provide useful feedback every now and then to help make that possible.

    Since I said that the multiplayer features are proving to be a challenge for the game, please allow me to elaborate on that by mentioning the specific issues that I believe to be problems in need of fixing, or at least of being addressed:

    • Organizing the chaotic playerbase:
      We, the players, understand very well that the community/playerbase is the most essential part of any multiplayer game, and there is nothing more that most of us want, than to see this community grow, but its current state is extremely chaotic to the point where I could say it's an internal war.
      We don't know how large/tiny the playerbase is, therefore we don't know how to approach the game. We want a competitive ranked mode, but we fear it might break the game or be very impractical with the current player numbers.
      We want to enjoy our normal, casual matches, but we're constantly suffering from the fact that brand new players are being placed with veteran level 100+ players. We don't know who or what to blame for that, but fact of the matter is, high level players wish for the integrity of their matches to be preserved. We welcome new players, but the situation is forcing us to despise comming across them, which is a dilemma that has been frustrating the dedicated old players for a long time now.
      We're not seeing any marketing being done for the game, so we can't pardon there not being enough players to organize this chaotic playerbase into ranks/levels that will be satisfactory.

    • Fixing game breaking bugs that have existed since beta stage:
      The developers have been hard at work to further optimize the game as well fix problems that the game has, and we really respect and appreciate all the effort. It is just that certain game ruining bugs have remained untouched (as far as we know), and every time we come across one of these bugs, we are very frustrated.
      Some players speculate that the game is not receiving enough testing/quality assurance, or these issues wouldn't be allowed to exist. Which brings me to the following suggestion:

    Why not create a small group of active/dedicated players, handpicked by you, the developers, and this group of players gets to communicate with you directly? To help bring issues to light more quickly and effectively, and deliver the opinions of the community to you filtered from all the unnecessary angry talk and spam that is very difficult to keep track of. I am sure that many of the dedicated players will be delighted to offer their help in this matter, as long as they get to communicate with the devs directly, and know that they are being heard.

    To summarize the wall of text above into key points; we could say:

    • Make matches more fun for everyone, by improving the quality of the matchmaker. Matching level 1s with level 100s is not okay.

    • Pay closer attention to reports and bug complaints from the community, and hopefully eradicate them.

    • Create a small group of handpicked community members to make a more effective and productive dialogue between developers and players.

    Thank you for reading 🙂

  • @Surrtan

    Definitely some great feedback here, thanks for taking the time to post!

    I will say that the team read everything our players tell us, all feedback is reviewed and all bugs are tackled by the team.

    We're constantly working on improvements, updates and changes to make Bleeding Edge the best game it can be.

    You will see regularly posts on the forums and in the Official Discord from our Bleeding Edge helpers, these are active and helpful members of the community who help support players and answer questions where they can. 🙂

    You can find out more information about helpers on the support centre.

    It's also worth pointing out that your fighter level and your personal level are indicators of time invested into playing but are not necessarily representative of your skill level at playing.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to read and respond! Yes I'm aware of the devs's admirable efforts and I appreciate them. I'm looking forward to seeing these efforts rewarded with great reception from the gaming community.

    @Tetris229 said in General feedback concerning community matters:

    It's also worth pointing out that your fighter level and your personal level are indicators of time invested into playing but are not necessarily representative of your skill level at playing.

    To be honest, this statement; as true as it might be, is a little irritating for me given the context in which it was mentioned. In my post I talked about levels, but that was because I deemed it slightly disrespectful to say good/bad players, but the skill level is indeed what I was trying to get at. I am unhappy with the way the matchmaking system groups me with a team consisting fully of new players who do not understand the game very well yet, and since casual unranked is the only mode the game currently offers, I do wish for more quality matches when I queue.

  • I do think the level of a player matters to an extent. Someone who is 100 is definitely better then someone who is like 5 or 10. And the level of skill that I see between players like that is quite different. I just had a game where my team had an 8 9 and 7 going against 42-97. And my team got stomped regardless of all the healing I did. Players weren't aware that we needed a damage soaker. But if it isn't about skill, why post that level at all?? Also, I don't despise new players. Player's don't come out of the womb knowing how to play video games incredibly well. The game needs to be able to match up new players with other new players. And same with older players and so on.

  • I agree with what Tetris said though. I've seen players with 50+ levels constantly make bad decisions and are still unable to pick the right fights or effectively defend the objective at all. And I've recently been playing with a friend who just started and he had a good understanding of the game to the point where he played much smarter than said lvl50+ players by the time he reached level 5. So yeah, I get the point Tetris made totally. Naturally more levels suggest better game sense but it's not always an accurate indicator.

  • I'd bet good money that somoene with level 50 or higher on average plays the game at a higher level than
    someone level 1 - 10. Shit the level 50 guy can very well be messing around/doing a stupid quest/or letting somoene else
    play on his account too.

  • @I-WORSTPLAYER-I It's a safe bet most of the time yeah. Also very good points about the potential of certain circumstances