Review of the current game

  • Now that BE has been out for awhile and is stabilized I wanted to mention some pros and cons of the game I have noticed

    The Good

    1. Performance issues have been addressed. The game now runs pretty smoothly without lag or low framerate. This was clearly the biggest issue and now it’s been fixed. Great job in this area

    2. The game almost never puts me in a game in progress which is nice. This ties in with the leaver penalty which is also very solid. People who leave games have to backfill while those who don’t like myself are almost guaranteed a new match every time

    3. Matchmaking/team balancing is fair and does not punish solo players. It is very important that parties are matched against other parties so they can’t pubstomp constantly against teams of solos and this game seems to be doing it well

    The Bad

    I’ve made posts about these topics already so I’ll just list them without going into detail

    1. Aiming with ranged heroes is lock on takes no skill and the game needs a true aiming system that will raise the skill cap and make it more fun

    2. Double healer is so obviously op and I’m shocked that they haven’t addressed it by now.

    3. Cosmetics are insanely overpriced and implemented poorly

    I would give the current game a 7/10 rating. I’ve been playing less and less since the game launched and I hope that they will improve it so I want to play more again

    The biggest reason I barely play now is the lack of aiming system. If they address this properly the game will immediately become at least an 8 for me possibly up to 8.5 and I will be playing it a lot more

    If they also address 2 and 3 along with some other balance issues then it would really start to shine. But again number 1 is the most important thing by far to me. Without addressing the lack of challenge/engagement created by a lock on aiming system I really don’t see myself playing this game regularly which is unfortunate.

  • A couple of things I forgot to put in my original post that I thought of. My 7/10 score and feelings about how the game can instantly improve are still the same.

    I like that in this game supports and tanks feel very strong and can easily hold their own.

    A miko and sometimes even kulev can 1v1 most other fighters and at least survive if not get the kill. These two healers are not just fodder to be beaten up and destroyed like healers in overwatch who will basically die to anything

    Tanks are also solid, have great survivability and are not overly dependent on healers to stay alive if they play correctly.

    This ties in with the other positive which is people tend to fill roles in this game. It helps that you only need one of each but there is clearly no doubt that having strong healers and tanks greatly contributes to an increased willingness to play these fighters. Every game you are pretty much guaranteed at least one tank or one support and often I get both without having to fill

    My last few times playing this game I noticed I was wrong when I said framerate issues are gone. They are still there just not nearly as bad as before and not as frequent. But they still do happen and it would be great if this issue could be completely addressed.

  • This is the only game that I enjoy playing tanks. Because I can really feel and see that I'm taking damage in order to protect my team. Tank in other games, means a little bit of more health and maybe a shield or something. Sure they can stay alive 1 or 2 seconds longer than other characters (since every game is heavily interested in burst meta) but they don't feel as they are any different than other characters. If there was at least one tank in every game like buttercup or mekko or bastardo, I'd be a tank main by now. These tanks literally make you ignore the healer to focus on them. Recently, whenever I play mekko, the enemy focuses me at all cost, because they know as long as mekko is alive, he won't let his team die. In other games, you just walk past the tank, kill the healer in 2 seconds, and proceed to destroy the rest.
    But about the supports, they a little bit too strong if you ask. It works fine for single support, but double support is a hell nightmare. Specially because, they are also capable of doing massive damage. Kulev can even get top damage of the game! I think they need to have a system which reduces the amount of healing if there are more than 1 healer in a game.

  • @Omid-RG Yea tanks are definitely better in this game than in most others. It is also nice that they do good damage so you don’t just feel like a human shield all the time but can get kills and punish people

    On the topic of two supports being overpowered I completely agree. I mentioned it in my OP briefly but have also made a couple longer posts about it in the past

    I seriously cannot believe they haven’t nerfed double healer by now and the fact that they haven’t is extremely concerning due to how blatant and insanely obvious the issue is.

    Coincidentally, my solution to double healer was exactly the same as what you suggested: diminishing returns. So the more healers you pick the less healing each one does. If you have two healers they each heal for 60-70% of their normal amount

    If you pick 3 healers they only heal for about 40% of normal. This will nerf the double healer meta HARD and will practically ensure that it goes away which will be a very good thing

    A very simple but effective solution is to just limit each team to one healer max. Not as good an option because it restricts player choice but is super easy to implement and would clearly solve the problem. Either way they need to do something about this asap it’s the biggest balance issue in this game by far

  • @ShadoWawker

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I see some valid points here and also some nice pros, it's worth mentioning that in our last community update we announced Daily Quests which will help with your point about cosmetics being expensive.

    Check out the post on the News section of the website, we'll posting another update tomorrow so check back for even more information on the future of Bleeding Edge! 🙂

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  • Nah dude the aiming system is fine to me. This game is cross platform if the aiming was based on skill then pc would get a major buff even if its a little. Besides it takes just as much skill to hold down X as it takes us to blitz them and costantly knock them down.

    With the double healer thing i agree. 2 healers and 1 tank that kinda heals like makuta or meeko and its GG and forget it if they have a freaking gizmo.