Review of the current game

  • Now that BE has been out for awhile and is stabilized I wanted to mention some pros and cons of the game I have noticed

    The Good

    1. Performance issues have been addressed. The game now runs pretty smoothly without lag or low framerate. This was clearly the biggest issue and now it’s been fixed. Great job in this area

    2. The game almost never puts me in a game in progress which is nice. This ties in with the leaver penalty which is also very solid. People who leave games have to backfill while those who don’t like myself are almost guaranteed a new match every time

    3. Matchmaking/team balancing is fair and does not punish solo players. It is very important that parties are matched against other parties so they can’t pubstomp constantly against teams of solos and this game seems to be doing it well

    The Bad

    I’ve made posts about these topics already so I’ll just list them without going into detail

    1. Aiming with ranged heroes is lock on takes no skill and the game needs a true aiming system that will raise the skill cap and make it more fun

    2. Double healer is so obviously op and I’m shocked that they haven’t addressed it by now.

    3. Cosmetics are insanely overpriced and implemented poorly

    I would give the current game a 7/10 rating. I’ve been playing less and less since the game launched and I hope that they will improve it so I want to play more again

    The biggest reason I barely play now is the lack of aiming system. If they address this properly the game will immediately become at least an 8 for me possibly up to 8.5 and I will be playing it a lot more

    If they also address 2 and 3 along with some other balance issues then it would really start to shine. But again number 1 is the most important thing by far to me. Without addressing the lack of challenge/engagement created by a lock on aiming system I really don’t see myself playing this game regularly which is unfortunate.