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  • Hi,
    I really like the lore concept of Bleeding Edge being some kind of illegal brawl. I have tuned down some sounds in the game and carefully looked at the maps, and man oh man. You can really feel the spirit of the crowd. In every corner of the arena the people are cheering from the tribunes and sometimes yelling your name.

    Its like a modern gladiator fights in Colloseum.

    Wouldn't it be great if the crowd had some kind of gameplay mechanics? Something that crowd demands will be rewarded with a buff or pointwise?
    One of the players had taken less than 1k damage in first 5min.
    The crowd wants him dead (thumb down!)
    Next time the opposing team kills him:
    a) his respawn will be 30sec
    b) he will have to switch char
    c) bonus scenario points
    d) some kind of temporary team buff (damage, speed etc.)

    This is just a small example of what this system could look like. The possibilities are endless. You could even include the real time player spectators.


  • @RustyBlasty I've heard the crowd cheering my name before, and i was like hell yeah, but I've seen other games have a chant track; i didn't know there was constant crowd noise in BE. That's really cool, I'm definitely gonna check it out when i get on. Do you just turn off the game music all the way and lower the dialog? Thanks.
    Also, there should really be an announcer in this game. I think I've seen something about it on another post, but it's a great idea; it
    I think it would fit in really well with the style and tone

  • That's a cool idea, but while it sounds really nifty and setting-appropriate, I can see this kind of mechanic easily generating an ultra toxic player base. It would cause strife within the team since everyone would be competing with their own teammates for dmg/kills/healing, and be brutally punishing for amateur players since their shortcomings would reward the enemy and tilt the match even farther in the enemy's favor.

    I wouldn't implement this in every game, but maybe an entirely separate matchmaking queue for a specific game mode with this feature would work.

  • @RustyBlasty

    This sounds pretty cool, thanks for posting your suggestion!

    alt text

  • @Tetris229 said in Win the crowd:


    This sounds pretty cool, thanks for posting your suggestion!

    alt text

    I second this xD

    A very unique idea that I feel is well worth looking into. It's an opportunity that fits very well into the game's setting. Please Ninja Theory, DO ET!