Skin cost

  • Isn't a bit too much to pay 2.000 coins just for a slight change of colour? Sometimes even almost unnoticeable? I mean, just look at kulev "suave" skin or Makutu "karaka" skin... if someone would use them in game I wouldn't even notice them, barely did when in the menu, I had to switch multiple times to see that... Since it take some time to get all those coins I think it's too much for so little change. The rest is fair I think

  • @No-TAG-Raziel i completely agree. I hope to see better skins soon, but i have other things to customize until then. The kulev skin that looks like beetlejuice is alright close up, but no one would notice the difference in a fight, unless they were fighting another kulev, and even then they're both constantly surrounded by colored light that would probably hide it more. The are a few recolors i might actually end up buying though. I consider buying one of Maeve's occasionally, Miko's are really cool, and i like gizmo's.

  • I think the earn rate and cost is pretty fair, this is free content after all, no microtransactions. You can earn enough coin for a skin in no time, a bunch of games that you'd naturally play over a couple of days maybe.

    These are just starting skins, need to give them time to bring out new ones, which is pushed back due to circumstances, and that they're working on bug fixes and the like before new content.

    The last thing you want is them making more complex skins cost even more than these ones!

  • For now I'm just gonna focus my coins on emotes and board customizations. Right now I'm trying to find people that have different boards so i can see all the paint jobs.

  • @Jordanzts so if these are the "standard" ones, if they make skins that actually change the appearance, how much should they cost? 10.000? Because if 2000 is the starting price then an eventual skin like that would cost really insane, besides, it take more than just a couple of matches, since with higher level is hard to level up and earn, and not everyone have the time to play all day to help that or maybe they have more games or whatever

  • yeah 2000 for a palette swap is really overblown, considering how slow you actually gain currency. And since the only available skins (that aren't pre-order/game pass exclusives) are just palette swaps, there really ought to be more of them. And if they do add "legendary" skins that completely change the character model, and they are priced much higher, it'll take ages to get just ONE of them. It's taken me about 15 hours to generate enough to get just ONE skin. It'd be nice to see either an increase to the currency gain, or a drop in the prices.

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  • @No-TAG-Raziel @Christastrophy1 @JezebelTrap @No-TAG-Raziel @Thug-sleazy @Jordanzts

    Thanks for discussing this and thank you for all the feedback on our progression system.

    We are constantly rolling out new cosmetics and unlockables for Bleeding Edge and we're currently working on a variety of detailed Skins for all our fighters. We'll be keeping the community updated regularly and will definitely review the concerns you've raised here.

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  • Yup, palette swaps need to be cheaper. Plain and simple