living in south africa here cant find any matches. why is this

  • I'm having the same problem. Haven't been able to play a single game some the last patch. I'm from south Africa too. I think the issue is there aren't enough players in SA. So the only way to play is if we can round up enough people from South Africa to play at the same time. That's the only way it will allow us to connect to the server.

  • @Rid84 Based on their patch notes people were getting put into the wrong servers. Now that its fixed those people are on their own servers and could by why you cant find a game

  • @ShadoWawker I figured that, but where does it leave us? We can't get a match at all... Should I just uninstall the game and not bother anymore? Thanks for your response by the way

  • @Rid84 No problem. I think there are only a few ways this could work out for you. One is to hope that they sell more copies of the game in your region and therefore people start playing on those servers

    Two is that they allow people to start choosing which servers they want to play on, so you can then play in another region. Ping will be high but at least you can find games

    Third is they might do that process automatically for you, meaning during matchmaking if it can’t find any games in your region it will search for games with the lowest ping on another server and put you in them

    However the argument against this approach would be that it leads to a bad experience for both you (high ping/lag) and also the people in your games: they will see you teleporting around and you will be hard to hit/keep track of

  • @BlondeSign84095 @Rid84

    Thanks for discussing this issue, we had hoped our changes should have improved latency and connection issues with these regions, however if you're still having trouble there could be more we can do to resolve this.

    We'll investigate further and let the community know if we make any more changes to fix this.


    alt text

  • @Rebel-Tetris Hi. So I just installed this game hoping to play it, but it's still not finding matches. Have you guys managed to find some solution? Would really like to play the game... Thanks

  • @XxAlphaxX9847-0 I'd make sure you check the support centre via the link at the top of this page, you can send a message directly to the support team who will happily troubleshoot connectivity problems with you and try to provide the best assistance possible.