Why is there still no ranked system lol...

  • I will snm...

  • @ODSF The game just released they need to focus on fixing the performance before doing stuff like ranked.

    Lag and low framerate are much more pressing issues than lack of ranked.

  • They weren't making it to be a ranked game, it's not the focus.

  • @Jordanzts what you mean? they very much do want this to be a competetive game. and im sure they are still working on ranked, while working on bugs. it just takes time to do these things.

  • @D4m0R3d I'm fairly sure in a video, comment reply, or livestream, that they said ranked is/was not in their plans. This was before launch, during first or second beta.

  • @Jordanzts im pretty sure you heard it wrong. they have said multiple times it was in their plans and that they love competetive play. i will rewatch the streams real quick to see if i can find it. also im pretty sure you are talking about the livestream that happened during the first beta.

    *edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FL8domudUc 32:47

    they say they are hoping to add one, not immediately on launch but it is one of the first things they will be working on.

  • @ODSF

    At this moment in time we're focusing on fixes and improvements to the game, we just over a week after launch and we are dedicated to ensuring everyone has a positive experience when playing Bleeding Edge.

    We are aware of the player request for a ranked mode and will be looking into these kinds of suggestions when we release information regarding upcoming content.

    Thanks for your support and for all the positive feedback!

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  • @Tetris229 I really hope you add ranked soon. I was hyped at launch and now the hype is gone due to poor team comps and lack of comms in-game. The game plays TOO casual and the skill level in players is severely spread for people to care. In a team game with teams being this small, one bad person on the team can throw the game. This seems to happen too often. Ranked would at least give some structure and placement of high skill to low skill players and make for a better experience.

    The sooner ranked is implemented, the better. Stop trying to wait for the perfect time to add ranked. The perfect time was at launch. Let meta's form, and patch them consistently like you have been the bugs. But in this day and age of gaming, you can't sit back and just wait for the "perfect" moment. Try new things, make mistakes, and correct them.

    The game is so fun, but I will play other games due to the inconsistency, and lack of equal skill ratings. I really hope to see ranked soon, but until then... I will play other games that offer that environment.

  • Agreed. This game just came out... calm your tits

  • @Tetris229 please do add the ranked mode ! Without ranking system this amazing game will die because sooner or later everyone will get their skins and mods maxed out and there wont be a big reason to invest much time with the game! Ranked mode will keep competitive multiplayer games alive we all know it
    Thanks in advance