Zero cool needs a healing nerf bad or there should be hero bans whatever you do fix zeros healing

  • Nerf him but hero bans would be better

  • @RR-Legend2332

    His lack of mobility makes up for his healing, he's really easy to kill if your dps focus him, besides he's healing drops if it doesn't recharge.

  • He does need a slight healing nerf I think, or they should just change how Recharge works.

    Bans are a great idea for ranked play!... but later, it's too early for that. I'd want at least 20 characters before we even have 1 ban.

  • Já eu acho que ele necessita de mais uma barra de esquiva ou um pouquinho mais de agilidade porque você já usa um ´ponto da barra para da um pulo mais alto so duas fica muito ruim de se esquivar de qualquer combo.
    você pula coloca muro para se manter vivo mas não tem como atrasa um pouco os caras mas ele logo ja estão ali lhe batendo de novo sem nem usa a skill de agilidade deles.
    ele é muito mas muito lento mesmo.
    ele morre muito precisa de 3 barras de esquiva porque 2 não da ele tem pouca mobilidade geralmente o seus companheiros chega no local quando você vai ver estão tudo morto ai só sobra você pq chegou por ultimo isso e horrível no Zero.

  • @RR-Legend2332 with the right teammate is easy to kill zero cool, he can't defend himself, so with the right play you can defeat him, especially with maeve

  • @No-TAG-Raziel
    Yeah but how about miko+zerocool, she can defend him so well and she can get healed, and she can also heal him.

  • @RR-Legend2332

    Thanks for starting off this discussion, it's always interesting for us to hear all sides of the story when it comes to how the community feel about certain fighters.

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  • ~Laughs in Daemon~

    Seriously though, zc is fine, if he wasn't so mobile he would die as soon as people looked at him. He does have the best healing in the game, but at a considerable cost to his sustain, if a zc doesn't position right or have an escape, he's gonna die if the enemy team knows how to deal with him. Also Daemon exists, who is extremely good at pressuring and chasing zc down, keeping him hit stunned so he can't heal as well as melting him rather easily. Cass and Maeve are also good at pressuring zc for differing reasons, and a Gizmo can make his job pretty hard. Oh, and let's not forget, Buttercup, she can just ride right upto him, do her dismount attack, drop some oil and he's going nowhere, if he uses his dodges, just hook him back in.

  • Personally I feel all the fighters are impressively well balanced when you consider all factors in practice. @Tetris229 Please pass on my praise to all at NT. I hope ye continue to put in as much care and thought into all fighters we might be lucky enough to see in the future as well as their mods! Amazingly diverse and well designed cast of characters! Thank you!