Inconsistent Gameplay

  • I love this game so much, but the problem is inconsistency in gameplay. One game my team does great, we win, awesome. Then the next game my team just gets destroyed. It is so frustrating, no matter how much I try. It seems like all games I play are in favour of one team, mine or the enemies.

    I know it just sounds like a normal game but no. You either destroy the other team or the other team destroys you.

  • @YBR-Wattson The thing is you don't even know what you're doing wrong. It's either they roll you or you roll them. The game is extremely based on countering characters, you can't play cass when kulev is around, or you can't play nidhogger when they have two long range fighters. But the countering isn't mentionned anywhere though.

  • @YBR-Wattson

    hmm yea it really should be a close game each game, however id does act like this where its you smash them or they smash you. odly its like the game is working to make you stay at the same spot.


    normally i am able to pick out what we did wrong. its just as though the game puts you on a good team and then a shit team the next

    "The game is extremely based on countering characters, you can't play cass when kulev is around, or you can't play nidhogger when they have two long range fighters. But the countering isn't mentionned anywhere though."

    how does kulev counter cass?

    and why cant nidhoggr be used against ranged?? i find him to be better against range cause he has a ranged stun, and a ranged slide that is able to close the distance. in all my games against gizmo and maeve i have found nidhoggr to be more effective agains tthem due to this. or at least i find it easy to kill ranged characters due to this.

  • I've had the same thing going on as well. Although, I have had matches where people left and enter to make comebacks to some sweaty one-point wins. But it is a bit irritating to have the complete extremes though.

    I will say, there are times when I find myself in ranges where I can't reach ranged characters but they can attack me (regardless of character). If I have abilities, I can maybe get away but sometimes I'm generally screwed lol 😆

  • coordinating team fights

    it's hard in this game because we don't know the main target to kill yet. because duo heals is "the meta to beat", who do you choose to dive, ZeroCool or Kulev(just examples). both have high survivability, ZC can escape faster than Kulev, however, Kulev can heal while dealing damage, yet ZC can escape to high ground and herl from above. there are more factors that we will learn later on, but that's a good thing.

    just saying gameplay is inconsistent is like saying you buying different brands of milk each time you go shopping. bad analogy, but you can't keep the idea that if you did great here, you won't do great here. plus, teammates have to work together, there WILL be people not communicating, there WILL be annoying "HELP ME HELP ME" spams with a ZC across the map 1v4ing the other team.

    it's not gameplay, the brand of milk you buy, it's the people you have in your game, your kids that you have to bring to the grocery store cause Karren, your wife, said so!

    Again, bad analogy

    Hope this helps...

  • @FruityBoiWonder Bad analogy or not, that cracked me up lmao

    Though on a serious note, yeah, I totally understand.

  • @YBR-Wattson and @FruityBoiWonder

    Well if it helps, I don't have any of the problems you're talking about. Sure all games aren't close matches, but many are, and others are huge comebacks as well (for better or for worse!). I also don't have any particular problem with the so called healer meta. Between targeting the healers, or just having good focus fire on a single target, getting kills is still completely doable. The only time I flat out lose those fights is when our team coordination is bad and nobody is pinging targets. There's also certain considerations at play. If you need an aggressive anti-healer comp, I highly suggest those with decent aggression sustain, such as El Bastardo, Nidhoggr, Maeve, and Miko. In fact that's a perfect team comp for killing any team with two healers and I've used it several times.

    On the other hand, I've also played for longer than some as I played in the alpha. I know the matchups pretty well and how to deal with certain characters. I also know the if you're just using the default mods you're probably going to have a bad time, and it takes some matches to build up a good kit that's actually worth using. Default mods aren't bad per se, but the combination of them is often lackluster and doesn't account for that fighter's strengths or weaknesses.

    What we'll be seeing as time goes on is that players get better. They play more, more reliable and strong metas actually form based on real skill, and people start to know what they're doing. Matches will start becoming close calls, as there is no positive feedback loop for power so there's plenty of opportunity during a match to correct your play style and do better.

  • @D4m0R3d She can't rake him cause the shield protects him from knock backs and flinches, his long range and auto lock means you can jump as high as you want your gonna get killed, his curse can annihilate Cass cause she doesn't have a lot of hp and he has sacred ground to heal himself if he gets damaged.

    For nid, he counters gizmo pretty well but he's bad against maeve and cass, you can dodge his boomerang stun if you dash when after the first hit.

    Miko gets destroyed by el bastardo and your heals are pretty useless against him since he does so much damage, better pick kulev to use the curse on el bastardo.