Replace parry system with Block limit!!!!

  • Hi Ninja Theory you should really replace the parry system and implement a block function instead. I know you have the dash system which is very useful but I know you should add a block function with a Block limit bar that goes down while taking damage and if the player is still blocking when the function reaches its limit then the player gets stunned for a 1 second or 1.5 seconds that opens them up for more damage. There was another idea I read that goes along with this, air combos but for the player being hit have some type of combos breaker function to get out of the combo and the function regenerates of time after being used. These functions should really be considered because it gives the game more in depth defense core aspects and allows the player alittle more defensive options besides just dash. This makes the player really feel like they can defend themselves in a fight for a short amount of time, when nobody uses parry because it’s to difficult to pull off and it slows the game down because the player can’t move to perform it.


  • I agree that parrying can feel frustrating to pull off against some characters but as I kept playing I realized how much it was used against me. Fast characters like Daemon can be tricky but Nidhoggr and Makutu are both slow and have a predictable rhythm. IMO it worked well when I wanted it to since there are characters who are more susceptible, it's just a heavily timing based technique but there is a skill curve there.

    My biggest problem is having to deadstick to actually do it. That was very frustrating.

  • @AmazingVector yea it’s a very high curve with the parry system and it’s just to inconsistent when you may need it the most. That’s why I suggested the block system with a damage limit and the number layer gets stunned

  • @mitchafella said in Replace parry system with Block limit!!!!:

    @AmazingVector yea it’s a very high curve with the parry system and it’s just to inconsistent when you may need it the most. That’s why I suggested the block system with a damage limit and the number layer gets stunned

    The thing about Parry though is "when I needed it the most" is when I was out of stamina. For the most part, that's when I'd actually remember to try it in the middle of a battle. I'd usually land it on the second or third hit as well. So while it's DEFINITELY not a perfect mechanic, it does raise the skill cap without raising the time to kill too much. A block system would be cool but not on top of everything we already have.

    On the other hand, if you replace Parry with Block and Blocking ALSO consumed stamina like Evade, letting you stand their negating melee and ranged attacks while losing stamina over time, that's not such a bad idea. You could time it to reduce the stamina consumption compared to a full out Evade, but it still wouldn't work on specials. However I'd REALLY start to feel bad for our boy Makutu over here missing out on it, more than I already do. They need to do something about that like they said they would.

    Not sure what you mean by mid-air attacks? There actually ARE mid-air melee attacks, but they just knock the enemy away. Note that I'm not talking about drop attacks which knock enemies down. If you tap attack while mid-air it does an attack, but if you hold it briefly instead the attack slams downward. Either way, if we're going to innovate options on the defensive side of things, I'd like the same consideration for the melee side (somehow... not sure).

    As a side note, I'm TOTALLY down for a possible Heavy shield-based fighter to have their stamina bar be a "block" bar instead, letting them block for others as well. I'd play the hell out of that.

  • @mitchafella I like the idea of having a block function but I some questions regarding it.

    How quickly does blocking reach the limit?
    Would multiple enemies attacking play a factor?
    Would it increase or decrease the rate based on how many enemies are attacking you?
    Would blocking take priority over attacking?

    Most times when you're getting attacked by the entire team, that's death. Blocking might save you for a tad bit, but eventually, you'll be stunned. I could see that frustrating a lot of people. If it's 1v1, sure. But there are times when people mix in abilities into their combos. So, I wonder if the limit would decrease back down for that small period of time.

    Honestly, I don't think this should replace the parry system. The parry system should stay, but it needs work. There's no wrong in giving players options. In fact, Dodge, Parry, and Block could all work. I look at Gears of War, where you can cover, dodge/roll and sprint all of the same button. I do think it would be nice for dodge to be a double-tap as well. That way the option to move and block/parry could be a thing. Generally, I would find blocking more useful for dealing with ranged enemies. But now that I think about that... you'd be completely making characters like Cass obsolete because she's there to finish off enemies who escape.

    Overall, it's a slippery slope. I think a lot of consideration should go into making a decision. Because after reaching the end of my reply... I could see this alone drastically changing the game and the characters themselves. And that's gonna be a load of rebalancing lmao