Game needs advanced combos added!!!!

  • Hi guys bleeding edge is a great game I’m enjoying the beta. I wanted to ask you guys a important question. Will you guys be adding advanced combos to the game besides just the basic attack combo list for each character? I know this would be a even better game with advanced combos you could perform from the basic combo list, I was thinking a mixture of light and heavy attack combos being “x” is light a “y” is heavy. I only say this because dmc has a great mixture of advanced light and heavy attack combo tree that the player can perform and I know this would be great a great addition to this game if it was added before the main release in March or in the future. everything else is fine to me with the cool down abilities but the basic attack list needs to be more in depth, Than the player just pressing “xxxx” to attack and we can do any other combos besides that one. You guys made Dmc and it would be good to see some more in depth basic and advanced attacks that your company is known for in the game. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

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  • @mitchafella It would really help indeed.

  • @mitchafella YES! That would be awesome! I think it was one of the choices in the alpha test surveys. Honestly, I would hope they go full melee with Bleeding Edge. Take what they've done in their other games into this.

  • I feel there were plenty of combos I could discover. As a Bayonetta fan and as a long-time FGC competitor I found a good amount of ways to combo and put opponents in a midair state where you can deal big damage since they can't dodge out. For example, as Buttercup, a basic combo is after your X combo you launch them. Right as they fly into the air you can use the oil to cancel out the animation then use her Stamina-based Run to move in quick while the oil frees your movement for an extended combo or a slam in the air.

    I feel as though you guys didn't explore enough. Make sure to Dojo in the next beta!

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  • There's a lot of existing combos people haven't seemed to consider... Makutu, Buttercup, and Nidhoggr already have a great deal of that. The thing is it's like a mix of DmC and League of Legends, it's the extra abilities that you play into it that really make it worthwhile but a lot of those play into the melee combo itself, such as combo cancelling.

    However, I'm not really against more stuff like Nidhoggr's Shredder and more interesting combos, but all the suggestions I've seen so far haven't really been catered to a PvP game and could totally mess up the design. They improve the game feel but might end up leading to dead-end strategies. Like if it's light and heavy attacks, well obvious if you're a heavy you'll always heavy attack because you don't flinch so you're just doing buffed damage, and if you're any other melee against melee you're light attacking to hit first since any pause to land a heavy attack will give them an opening, but if you're against ranged fighters just heavy attack away.

    Hmm... I mean there is something to the thought though. Like a stationary charge attack perhaps? Similar concept but different execution. The kind of attack that's ideal if you're invisible or your target is stunned. Ranged fighters could also charge up an attack and wait with it in ambush.

  • @AmazingVector I understand where you're coming from. But with fighting games (especially those that lack creativity is combo combinations), things can get a bit stale. If everyone's doing the same combo with each character, that's not exactly fun. I'm just wanting a decent addition to what's already available. I'd be okay if it was like DMC 5, where holding and pauses in-between hits do different things. Just would like a little bit of variety is all 🙂