Too much silence from the dev team

  • Bleeding Edge is a game with great gameplay, mechanics, maps, and modes. Most things in the game at the moment are great. I, like many others, would like more content but we all understand that patience is required when a team this small is behind the scenes chugging along on content. Piecemeal content is understandable, reasonable, expected.

    However, aside from the content delivery pace one thing that to me personally is a glaring issue is both the amount of time that goes by between communications from the dev team (updates, teases, etc.) and the lack of a real content roadmap after 6 months from release.

    I check this site, I check the social media accounts and there are lapses of multiple weeks between posts of any real significance (sorry but fan art reposts don't count in this regard).

    This is harmful to the game for multiple obvious reasons.

    I am posting here today to simply say it needs to change.

    We need weekly updates to serve as peeks behind the curtains for things regarding character balances, map balances, mode balances, this also serves as a good vehicle for teases, even maybe sharing with us some tidbits about what is being brainstormed for content too far down the road with no promises from the devs needed.

    That way you get community feedback in realtime regarding those incubating ideas that may help flush them out.

    Another thing we need in regards to communication is a proper roadmap detailing what's coming in a rolling 3 month span of time. Show us what's coming next month, the month after, and the month after that.

    This way, even if you have people drop off from the game, you at least create a pin in their mind regarding content that may have intrigued them and gives them a desire to come back once it releases to see it for themselves.

    These are things that successful online games have done and the one thing they have in common and Bleeding Edge is sorely missing it this far removed from launch.

  • @FAITH12 I am not making an excuse for the silence. Even a busy person can find time to interact.

    I assume the team is focusing on fixes and optimization before the launch of the Xbox Series X.

    This game is already cross play with PC and soon it will have to be cross play with a third entity. The team must be stressed out knowing they will need to have BE ready for Xbox Series X on day one while keeping it functional on the other platforms.

    This is purely a theory. I would like more communication but if their silence makes the end result a fully functional, optimized, and bug free game by Xbox Series X release date then please keep us in the dark. They know the next gen is coming, coming soon, so the clock is ticking.

  • We do our best to communicate with our players via the Discord, Subreddit, Forums, main website and social media channels whenever there is something for us to share. Most recently we released the Bleeding Edge official Soundtrack and before that was our largest patch to date.

    A member of the team is always reading what's being posted anywhere about Bleeding Edge and we're always doing our best to communicate.

  • I'm sorry Tetris, but how can it be that you guys are doing your best?
    On average there is like 1 meaningful sentence coming from the devs every 2 weeks and I'm not even exaggerrating.
    As I'm typing this, people in the official discord are literally speculating about the next patch being the last and final update that this game will ever receive, aka that the game is about to die, and these speculations IN THE OFFICIAL DISCORD have been going for months, and not a single member of the dev team has ever decided to put our minds at ease and say "don't worry, support for this game is not about to drop anytime soon"

    We've complained about problems like the death glitch for so long, and until today we have no idea if you guys are aware of this issue or not. Every blue moon we somehow learn that you are aware of a certain issue (like the instant chrysalis explosion) but we've been getting worked up about it for weeks before you announced that you're aware of it. Why would you let the community wait for so long before they can finally be informed that they've been heard?

    The community has so many questions that they spam reddit/social media/discord with every single day, and they have all remained unanswered.
    I repeat, I'm sorry and you know that I love you as well as this game, but this cannot be your "best" when it comes to communicating with your community.