Exchange currencies

  • Hey devs, do you think it's a good idea to let us exchange that blue currency - only used to create mods - for the other one which is used to buy skins? Those blue coins has no use at all after you get all the mods you need.

  • Great idea mate. The blue currency has been pretty useless for me for a while now. I'm pretty far from the highest level in the game at this point, yet I have 95% of the mods in the game so there are definitely players who have every single mod, meaning the blue currency is completely useless to them until new characters come out. Some sort of exchange system would be nice if there are no plans to incorporate new stuff that require blue currency.

  • @ivowns Totally agree with you. The only thing is it can’t be a 1:1 ratio or else that would be really lame. It has to be at least 5:1 if not 10:1

    So for every blue mod part you get at least 5 credits

  • @ivowns

    Interesting suggestion, definitely food for thought here.

    Thanks for posting!

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