AI mode and tutorials

  • AI mode:
    I think AI mode would be a great additions for new players to practice and to hone their skills. Instead of having everyone practice in Dojo to get better at the game, Ai mode will give actual hands on experience to the playstyle and format of the game.

    There should be tutorials for each character in the game. The tutorial shows a players the basics and general idea of how to play the game, but does not prepare players for the different playstyles of each characters. With character tutorials, players will get a better understand of how the character works and will be more comfortable in game. Learning a character on the spot during the heat of battle is not healthy for the game.

    There should also be tutorials explaining the important of each game mode and the fundamentals of the game and different strategies. Explain why you should group with your teammates, diving deep into how collecting power cells greatly improves your chances of winning, talk about different team compositions and team synergy, and give provide players with more knowledge of getting better at Bleeding Edge. This will help new players and younger gamers understand Bleeding Edge and will cause them to be more comfortable playing this game. Doing this will increase the knowledge of every player and decrease the power/skill gap among the community. I feel like a lot of players are simply learning on the spot and are continuously not learning from their mistakes. They simply need the knowledge and practice to be better.

  • I agree, it needs some sort of AI Mode and Tutorials.
    And a shared Dojo.

  • @MadMuffin8263 I agree I want to see an AI mode solo AI, group AI you should also get xp as well.

  • I'm down with this. I disagree with CBreezy973's suggestion of giving XP though. By the time this mode is added the matchmaking should improve. If not, well, then maybe add XP (less than playing with and against real people, of course).

  • @MadMuffin8263

    Thanks for the suggestions, we do have tutorials that take you through the basics of each mode, and run you through the importance of support, positioning and working as team.

    In case you didn't know, you can activate AI in the Dojo, I am aware you're referring to something different in your suggestions though. 🙂

    Definitely plenty here for us to think about though and perhaps ways we can improve the player learning experience.

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