Community Feedback Compilation:

  • Hi again, folks. I hope you've all been enjoying the BE launch. This thread was created to list as many good suggestions that I've noticed being shared around the community Discords, forums, streams, reviews, and of course a handful that I've conjured up in my own brain. I have deliberately selected a list of suggestions I believe most/all will agree with. This isn't the thread for balancing ideas or major overhauls to any particular aspect of the game. It's a bulk of straightforward adjustments that'd immediately (dare I say irrefutably?) improve the game's overall quality. Most of these will not need an explanation so let's get right to it.

    Keybindings & Abilities:

    Make parry its own keybinding. Retain the option to keep it shared with evade for those who prefer it that way.
    Allow the option to evade by double-tapping a movement key.
    Rework 'hold' abilities such as BC's Launch and Nid's Shredder into their own bindings. Requiring an initial basic attack is sluggish.
    For PC players, allow the scroll wheel to be used as a keybinding. Scroll wheel cycling; not the middle mouse button.
    Allow each Fighter to have their own customized keybindings rather than applying a universal set that affects all.
    Allow movement when viewing the scoreboard.
    For PC players, allow a slider that increases the mouse sensitivity of free aim abilities. Gizmo's Sucka Bomb, Kulev's Sacred Ground, etc.
    Make ZeroCool's Firewall a toggle ability. Press to place; press again or hold to remove. He can accidentally trap his own teammates.
    Make mounting/dismounting an optional toggle key. Accidental movement or any button press can interrupt the mounting animation.

    General Gameplay & Game Modes:

    Add server region locks and continue to improve stability + game optimization.
    For PC players, remove the framerate limit.
    Add a Ranked mode with competitive seasons and rewards.
    Add the option to choose which mode we'd like to queue for.
    Do not automatically kick users back to the main menu when viewing the end-of-match screen.
    Rework the final play and expand on the highlights section.
    Create a more intuitive way to select a Fighter's mod loadout in-game.
    Remove duplicate mod rewards when leveling up or allow duplicates to be sold for currency.
    Implement a vote-to-forfeit system.
    Reduce the amount of time it takes to destroy a Power-Up crate or increase their buff duration.
    Implement loss stat prevention and incentivize players to stay in a match until the end. Those who join late should not have a loss tracked.
    Allow a lobby to rematch and vote on the next map during the end-of-match screen.
    Release new maps. Alpha/Beta players had hoped to see a few more on launch day.
    Work on a third objective mode and consider adding a deathmatch mode at a later date.

    Training Dojo:

    Show damage and healing numbers while inside the Dojo.
    Allow parties to enter the Dojo together for practice and dueling.
    Make every mod unlocked in the Dojo and allow us to change them on-the-fly without returning to the Workshop.
    Expand the AI behavior options for better testing. Constant jumping, only using one ability, evading, allied AI set to heal you, etc.
    Increase the amount of AI enemies/allies. This will allow simulated 4v4 practice fights.
    Add some form of a pre-match landing zone where teams are placed in the Dojo or a neutral location to fight while waiting for a lobby to fill.

    Social, UI, & Customization:

    Include full match stats in our profile history.
    Fix the bug where pressing 'C' causes the match queue to start/cancel when typing in chat or naming loadouts.
    Integrate a better friends list and a means of inviting players. There are problems that are likely a result of cross-platform play.
    Display a user's Fighter level or overall account level next to our Gamertags. Allow the option to hide it if desired.
    Display which platform and input devices users are playing from/with.
    Display teammates and enemies that are partied in groups at the loading screen.
    Allow adding players as friends from the scoreboard and end-of-match screen.
    Add custom clan tags.
    Add custom/private matches for teams to scrim against each other.
    Allow 'mountless' Fighters to still equip a trail effect. Buttercup, Maeve, ZeroCool, and Cass.
    Release skins that aren't 'recolers' or allow us to customize their colors ourselves.

    Community Involvement and Monetization:

    Reduce the $30 price tag on Steam. I can't convince anyone to try this game, nor could I genuinely recommend it in its current state for $30.
    Expand advertising and reach out to an 'influencer' for some spotlight.
    Consider running a few free-to-play weekends.
    Continue Developer Q&A sessions and add frequent community surveys.
    Add a cosmetic shop. Monetize skins and fun/quirky little trinkets. Developers deserve a paycheck and many games thrive off of this model. Frankly, with the lack of a fleshed out progression system in Bleeding Edge, having some items to collect would be a worthwhile investment and I'd wager it'd do wonders for the longevity of the game.

    That's all I have for now. I'm sure I'll continue to add more over time.

  • @Cold-Conduct tbh, didn't read the entire post just dropping my comments after my first fight. I'm either seconding anything you said it just adding some extra info. Reduce cool down time, reduce respon time reduce loading times, add wall climbing / faster way to move around map, reduce hover board mounting time (maybe wall ride on this), add aiming recital. Some of the open parts of the maps feel way too big. I've paid the capture map and it feels too big with how slow the characters move. Just initial thoughts from my first game. Dig the game and has a lot of potential, just feels kind of busted and too far behind other games in it's category. Feels more like an Indy overwatch fighter game. Maybe like it's trying to be a DMC and Overwatch hybrid. Great idea and start. Just need to really bring it up to 2020.

  • @Cold-Conduct said in Community Feedback Compilation::

    Create a more intuitive way to select a Fighter's mod loadout in-game.

    no i like it the way it is. please dont change.

    otherwise i agree with everything else. i think

  • @D4m0R3d said in Community Feedback Compilation::

    @Cold-Conduct said in Community Feedback Compilation::

    Create a more intuitive way to select a Fighter's mod loadout in-game.

    no i like it the way it is. please dont change.

    otherwise i agree with everything else. i think

    Do you play on controller or mouse and keyboard? I think it's a little clunky to select on mouse. Wonder if the people I've seen suggesting it are also mouse users.

  • @ElSergio47 I don't agree with riding walls, it would make the game feel clunky, maybe give this to a future fighter.

    For the cooldowns, it's an instant no, cause you don't want to slow people with buttercup's oil spill every 6 seconds or yank them every 7 seconds, same with maev'es etc...

    When you have the reaction to always use your mounts, the maps don't feel that big even though they could shave off certain areas of certain maps.

    No aiming retical needed, it's an autolock game, but why not if it's optional.

    For the mounting speed, I think it's great like that cause it would be easier to come cause problems and quickly escape with 20% of your health, even though certain characters like zero cool would really benefit from a faster mount animation.

    Please stop with the overwatch thing, it's getting lazy and old, everything was created by TF2 overwatch just slapped some colors on it. And honestly it's light years from overwatch.

  • @Cold-Conduct I agree with each and every point, just replying so it stays up there so the devs can take a look at it.

  • @Cold-Conduct

    Just to let you guys know, we do read everything you post, be it here, the Discord or on other social media.

    Your feedback is essential to helping us ensure Bleeding Edge remains a positive experience for the entire community!

    Thanks for your continued support and for discussing the game in so much detail.

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  • @Tetris229 Appreciate it! Adding another to the list.

    Rework 'hold' abilities such as BC's Launch and Nid's Shredder into their own optional bindings. Requiring an initial basic attack is sluggish.