Add need healing and thanks to chat wheel

  • I understand these two comms were probably left out because they are often used for toxicity, however they are incredibly useful and still should be in the game

    Several times i have wanted to thank my healer for healing me but theres no way to do so

    And when it comes to “need healing”, “help me” is not a replacement for that at all. Help me is very general and can be directed at anyone on the team. When i say help me the healer doesn’t even look at me and people just ignore this chat

    Need healing is very specific and absolutely necessary in a game like this. The best way to prevent them from being spammed for toxic purpose is to set a cap on how often they can be used. Make it so that you can not say thanks or need healing more than once every three seconds (each on separate timers)

    Many people who play healer are not even aware of who needs healing and even the good healers can get distracted or just miss you. I have literally walked past healers with half health or less saying “help me” and they don’t heal. There is a chance of course that this would still happen if i said need healing but at least that way there’s no doubt that it’s the player’s fault rather than unclear communication

  • Can confirm I would like to say thank you. Maybe as a suggestion, be more willing to use combinations of the dpad and the other keys? So like down+B is retreat, but down+right is thanks or down+RT is need healing.

    As long as we can change the keybinding its not a big deal.

  • @ShadoWawker

    not only healers heal in this game. for example makuto a tank can also heal teamates.

    help me shows all your teamates and basically works the same. so really is there a need to change the words. if you ask for help they are gonna see you have low health, unless they bad.

    although a thank you key yea true. but where are they supposed to bind it. i guess they could do it in a wheel

    " I have literally walked past healers with half health or less saying “help me” and they don’t heal."

    i have done this in voice chat, asking for heals with them right in front of me. no they didnt have me muted cause they were responding to me later. people just get very tunnel visioned. maybe a heal me key that you can spam will do better, i think they could probs do a command wheel

    i think a command wheel would work well. cant remember what key commands are on, but i assume its the d pad. so down dpad opens the wheel and you just point the analog stick somewhere, and on mouse you just point the mouse towards the command you want.

    or just let people customise what commands they want on their dpad

  • @ShadoWawker As a main healer I suggest they unlock it when you're below 40% of your health.

  • @Evade-This5965 Yea there are definitely enough buttons not being used that they could easily implement these two options and then just let the players bind it to whatever they want

  • @Votre-Daron said in Add need healing and thanks to chat wheel:

    @ShadoWawker As a main healer I suggest they unlock it when you're below 40% of your health.

    I have to disagree. If I’m at 70% health, then what? I just have to hope and pray that they will heal me or respond to help me? It needs to be an option at all times because as long as im missing any health then i can make use of need healing

    The only exception would be at full health. If you want to remove the option to call for healing at full health and then unlock it as soon as damage is taken that would be reasonable to me

    Although your 40% threshold idea could still work in another way. I would suggest that at low/half health the person’s health bar begins to flash with an icon like in overwatch, indicating that they need healing so that the healer can clearly see it without someone having to call for healing