El Bastardo needs another melee option.

  • Makutu has hold to rapid hit, Buttercup has hold to ram, and El Bastardo has...? I believe he needs something that’ll add an extra dimension to his combo string. Maybe a hold attack that is an upward diagonal dual machete strike that knocks back enemies when empowered and is just another attack when not. It’ll give him a little more CC, have players be more cognizant of his shields, and make him more fun to play.

  • @Ray-3

    might make him to strong but i agree, its gotta be a theme. tanks need hold down attacks lol. maybe an attack that is an auto parry but its like a shoulder shrug that will bump people off him. while he does this cause its something that charges up till the hit lands , he can be attacked, wich makes it something you probs only want to use when trying to run away

  • @D4m0R3d It’s a good idea, but I think the parry already in the game would make it a bit redundant. I’m glad to see someone else agrees with my sentiment. 😄

  • So, maybe not an auto-parry... what about an auto-absorb? And-and-and, to make sure it doesn't become too overpowered it takes ½ on use. Since El Bastardo's gimmick/theme/whatever centers around gaining shield, absorbing could convert the damage taken into shield. Mixing in between attacking and absorbing could honestly be interesting. Giving it would be tying into this character already. Or we could drop the stamina usage and gaining shield overall if that's too much for others. It's not the same genre of game, but my example would be from the game Absolver. But that's just my suggestion, it's cool to see the different type of stuff people post on here 🙂

  • @PricillaAtticus

    i used to love absolver lol.

    but i dont remember what you are talking about from absolver tbh.

    from what im getting though. you absorb damage but only half of the damage gets converted into shield. what else happens? like do you take any damage at all while doing this? cause if not i think it may be op. his ability to obsorb shield is already really good.

    lol now i think my old idea was stupid anyways aswell. and now im thinking along the lines of a leg sweep, but it can only be done mid combo like makutos. the only problem is how would you stop said person in the combo from getting combo locked. if they have their legs sweeped they wouldnt be able to evade the next attack, so maybe it really should just be an upercut thing, but then it would be the same as makuto.


    maybe his hold down attack could be him throwing a dagger????? the longer you charge it the harder it will hit/ further it will go.
    this wouldnt be OP because you would be risking the chance of them dodging and them getting away because you use this time. although you could also use this to initiate fights aswell as end them. its just that it will be harder to hit when ending a fight with it cause enemies will be more aware of your oncoming attacks.

  • @D4m0R3d I linked a video lol

    Click on the 'Absolver' in my previous post 👍

    Edit: if you're getting ganked by the entire enemy team. It wouldn't be exactly OP... just another way to somewhat survive for a bit.

  • Well we do have a character coming out that has their stamina bar replaced with a shield bar already: Mekko.

    The thing is every character has an interesting passive that makes them unique, and El Bastardo's is Life Support. The combo-type passives are something only Nidhoggr, Buttercup, and Makutu have. I agree that it would make a lot of players happy to have something for each character though.

    However that auto-parry concept, like a 1s long parry... is a really interesting idea. Maybe for a new character. Like a special that grants 1s of invulnerability, and if you're hit with a melee attack it's parried. I'd love an ability like that, and there's no reason not to play around with the parry concept now that its a base mechanic.