Double healer is a nightmare

  • In my experience, there is NO way of winning against a double healer comp, except having a double healer comp. I actually don't know a solution for it, but we gotta do something about it ! Maybe force teams to have only 1 healer ? Because there is nothing that can disrupt healing right now. It's not fun to play against it.

  • if you tell your team, focus the healers first then you should destroy that team either way no difference.

    also why not just change comp to counter them. thats a part of the stratagy. at least if you want to win.

    i think dub healer comp should stay, just as dub tank comp should stay, and dub dps comp should stay. adds to the variety, and allows for more stratagy.

    also imagine if they changed everything you had to change comp to counter not that you even need to change comp for this. but i mean look at overwatch. one of the good things in overwatch is the counters, they got dive comp, better swap our comp to counter that comp. you know what i mean. it creates more interesting unique games rather than.

  • Actually, I despise the hero change to counter enemy, because I have seen a better solution. I played Paladins for a long time, and you can not change heroes in there. The way you counter enemies in there, is by item shop in the game. If the enemy has really good healing, you get items that reduces healing when you shoot them. When they have lots of cc, you buy the item that reduces the cc effects. There are restrictions tho, so you gotta think to have the best item choices. In Overwatch, there is always this God damn loop where you change to counter one of enemies, and they change to counter your new pick, and you have to change again. It is not fun !
    Also we can't kill the healers in double healer comp. They just keep healing each other. Specially if they have Kulev. He just refuses to die !

  • @OmidRevenGer Yeah 100%. Seems it's the meta for this beta, double healer for instant win, and if your team isn't double healer as well you'll almost certainly lose. Sucks, needs fixing.

  • @OmidRevenGer said in Double healer is a nightmare:

    In Overwatch, there is always this God damn loop where you change to counter one of enemies, and they change to counter your new pick, and you have to change again

    no not really. usually say they do dive, you swap to counter dive, then they swap back to default and you can stay or swap back to what you were trying earlier. i mean if someone is a god widow, you swap to winsten and then they swap to reaper, you did your job and now you just swap back to your original hero. and then they would be stupid to swap back cause not only do they know it wont work, they will be wasting time.

    its like they see a potential clink in the chain, then you repair that clink, and now the chain is good and its all about skill. and whos on the better heros and who makes the better plays/ what team is coordinating the best. at least this is my oppinion.

    idk maybe your teams are really shit, but i have been vsing dub healer with single healer and have been winning. now though we did face a 3 healer team wich we lost, but that was a horrible team that was going in 1 by 1 and didnt know how to focus 1 person at a time. past beta when people are playing with their friends and are communication or are playing comp and communicating. double healer wont last cause peeps will just dive them and kill them faster than they can heal.

    and yes i understand kulev is a beast who is unkillable, as a kulev player i have witnessed me survive a 1 v 3 for a solid minute untill my team got there to kill them lmao, but that team was bad and were horrible at chasing and timing thier abilities, and were missing their attacks. otherwise if 2 people dive me im usually fucked.

    i wish game history showed what the enemy was using so i could count how many double healer games i have won with only 1 healer.

  • Get some stun/freeze/silence & high DPS characters and focus/burst the healers down...if it was easy people wouldn't be running that comp, but it's 100% doable. Just need your team to communicate and work together 🙂

  • @Omid-RG 2v1 on kulev and kulev will die. same for all healers. although when its a kulev healing and a miko. it should be easy. the harder combo is zero cool and kulev. always gotta go for zero first. but yea miko and kulev dont make a dif. you dont need to change comp at all for killing healers. i have only found myself changing comp to fight cass.

    @EthanielRain honestly bro i havent even been noticing it. i think MAJORITY of my games go 2 dps. and so if the enemy is rocking 2 healers i dont think its making much of a difference.

  • @D4m0R3d
    Most of the times there isn't enough dps and they end up loosing, so everything is great I guess. But I find the miko, zero cool combo extremely annoying, since she protects him so well, whilst giving him heals.

  • @Omid-RG healing is far too strong in this game

  • @Omid-RG Good communication is the solution, the problem is that some people think they can win the game without even fighting.
    The first healer who has to die is Zerocool, as he can put any ally back into the game easily. The Daemon is a great healer killer.

  • @TheRedVisor THis game is designed around killing the healers first it's not like overwatch where you can kill anybody as long as you have good burst. But they're adding a reducing healing power up.

  • I'm just gonna add that it's insane that in some cases ZeroCool is able to outheal a damage that's coming from 3 characters at the same time.
    Like, you can argue as much as you want about communication, coordination and counter-picking (which is all kinda pointless right now, cause Quick Fight is the only option aka. there's no ranks and 90% people are just having fun as they should) ... but when I'm [as ZeroCool] by the press of one button saving my random teammate from 3 enemies diving into him - that's straightforward broken in my opinion.

    Same as amount of stuns, amount of healing in this game can be jokingly insane.