Matchmaking is awful...Is this title acceptable??

  • This game has some awful matchmaking. I guess they are prioritizing a quick as possible queue time in lieu of terrible games. That's so people can play a lot of games. But when half the time one or two people leave the match on a team it makes it impossible to win. I came into a match and was losing by like 300 points. What am I am supposed to do? We aren't going to win. And I get a loss for that game when i didn't even get to play from the beginning. The game needs incentives to keep playing these games. Just getting random cosmetics ain't going to cut it. They need goals to strive for that cant be achieved if you leave a match. Some sort of elo rating needs to be put in the games that makes matchmaking better for everyone. Most games are really lopsided. More characters might make matches a little different. Because the first meta could make games that much worse if these things aren't addressed. I spell checked the post this time jesus.

  • @Kosrae34

    first of all, remember that its quickplay not comp. they punish leavers but its bugged rn i think. and you may be in a low mmr rank or you may even be in the leavers bracket yourself if it isnt bugged but maybe its not telling you? i dunno. i havent been getting any leavers at all. like maybe 3 in 14 hours worth of gameplay. i have joined a late game maybe two times. maybe im increadibly lucky or its mmr rating. cause i did play the last beta, and so i have had time to build a higher mmr.

  • @Kosrae34

    Matchmaking isn’t awful, but your spelling certainly is...

    This is a Beta, this won’t be how the full game acts and behaves. Just like any game, this is just for sorting out teething problems; the matchmaking doesn’t seem like any issue to me.

  • @NibbleMyToe He's french appearently and I don't think it's the right place or moment to say such foolish things.

  • @D4m0R3d No actually when you leave games, you're more likely to join games that already started, but I didn't quit games and I still join those type of games where no one cares about anything and they just go feed. I don't think their mmr is fully established yet and players are new to the game which can trigger you a lot.

  • @Kosrae34

    We appreciate your feedback and read everything the community posts, we're always factoring in what the players are telling us when we look into what improvements we should work on next to make Bleeding Edge the best game it can be.

    FYI: I edited the title of your post to be more in keeping with our Community Rules

  • @Tetris229 is there going to be MMR based mm’ing or is it in place now?

  • @Votre-Daron

    "No actually when you leave games, you're more likely to join games that already started"

    what do you mean no actually? thats exactly why i said he might be in the leavers bracket, im confused.