Gizmo needs to be tweaked, words from a main

  • This is somewhat of a Gizmo analysis, so i hope devs could see this in order to help improving the game.

    I have played mainly Gizmo in this beta and i almost reached level 10, and if there is something i noticed over the course of over 6 hours of playtime with her, is that she is really weak in some aspects, not only the fact that she has no melee attacks, also because her minigun feels really like a marshmallow shooter, added to that, shooting an enemy who is running over you is more harmful than useful, because you move so slow when you shoot, you are only causing the enemy to reach you faster and easier, and because it has firerate windup, you will just kill yourself by shooting the daemon rushing you, either moving faster while shooting or reaching max firerate faster would solve this problem a bit, but that is not all, she is still way too vulnerable against pretty much any melee fighter, although she is the strongest ranger, the others seem stronger against melee fighters, that is because Gizmo depends completely from her minigun, (we dont talk about the turrets because they are really bad), while the others have traps, heals or mobility, taking this in consideration, i see no reason for the minigun to be that weak, it takes forever to kill someone, you move really slow and its range is sad.
    Im not asking for a massive buff, or even for a buff directly on Gizmo, i like her being a hard character to play, not because she is complicated, because she is really easy to kill and it is really easy for a Gizmo to lose all of her value if you dont play properly, even a improve in the parry system should be enough, because i have faced MANY times having to pull out a parry to save my life, but being too hard to do and having a really low reward, i just end up getting instantly pushed again and not being able to parry once more, and eaing a full combo because i already used all my resources trying to survive a skilled daemon or nid, because you can cycle all your abilities properly and still dont get the kill due to your low time-to-kill, so making parry more rewarding is truly a nice way to help, and not only Gizmo, because this mechanic is pretty much the last resort of any ranger, and this would also make the parry worth mastering.

    Yes, i know she cannot be damage or range improved because of the aimbot, at least not enough to like burst down a dps rushing you, but maybe enough to pressure and force the enemy to invest resources in order to reach you, because a daemon,a nid or a bastardo can easily run direcly upon you and hit you, stopping all of your damage.
    I have seen many people complaining about the auto aim, and taking it away should open the window to raise up the damage potential and specially the burst on the rangers, but it depends on the players, personally i do not care which one end up being the one, because the auto aim helps you focus in other aspects of the gameplay, but aiming could raise the potential and skill ceiling on the ranged fighters.

    I really enjoyed playing Gizmo and i will for sure play her mainly the next beta and when the game releases, no matter if she gets tweaked or not, do not think that i do this as a complain or an exigence, these are just my thoughts on the character and what can be improved from my point of view, what do you think about her?

  • I absolutely agree with the fact that Gizmo's minigun feels like a marshmallow shooter, at the very least it does not feel like how a minigun should feel to fire, neither does it feel as engaging to play as a hack-n-slash melee character which dampens her a tiny bit for me as I really enjoy playing her otherwise!

    Nothing personal, this is just one of the many "Buff x Character" threads I happened to say this on, but I think it's way too early to be judging whether some characters need help or not. I don't think there's been enough time to force a meta and all characters have a lot of untapped situational potential as well as synergy potential. I'm pretty sure every character has their own thread expressing reasons to buff or nerf them at this point. I think that says it all really!

    There's actually been very very little changes to the characters since the first Alpha. There was none at all (at least blatant/logged changes aside from parrying if that counts) between the last Alpha and first Beta. I really like that personally.

    Have you tried any mod builds? The mod that maximises the minigun charge after evade has garnered a lot of success for me and it might help a little with the trouble you've been facing!

  • @x-AmberPrice sadly, i got all doubled mods when leveling up and i just bought 2 mods, the beta did not last enough or are the mods too hard to get, i wasnt even able to make a real build, but the mod that increases damage on her minigun is a must, but i tried the increased range on her sucka and the slow after getting hit by it and it worked really well, specially to stop enemies rushing you or trying to escape, but specially when you are getting rushed, helps you a lot to creeate space and being able to poke the damage

  • Some food for thought here.

    Would increasing Gizmo's turret health, increasing their damage or adding a secondary attack to them with an internal cooldown, or adding some sort of passive buffs while Gizmo is in the vicinity of her turrets be good ideas? Some examples:

    Every time an enemy gets within 'x' units of a turret, it also damages them with fire/shock/nails/whatever that slows or silences. Suppose a 5-second cooldown between its base attacks?

    If Gizmo is standing near a turret, increase her movement speed or rate-of-fire.

    If Gizmo is standing near her turret, she gains passive health regeneration or 'repairs' and buffs the turret. Either by regenerating its health, buffing its damage, etc.

    If a turret is destroyed by an enemy then Gizmo's cooldown for her abilities are reset.

    How do y'all feel about some changes along those lines?

  • @Cold-Conduct These are very interesting ideas, and definitely a nice way of buffing her potential, personally i never considered the turrets because they seem kinda useless, i actually only used them when i needed to draw enemy attention out of me, since they are just a plus to Gizmo dps, but the problem is their range, it is almost melee, and making a build dedicated to the turrets is kind of a waste for me, but if they had more use, as you say, of course would help

  • I played Gizmo a fair bit early on and I have to agree, she is definitely an incredibly niche pick in the grand scheme of things. The fact that her Turrets are so weak at a baseline level and that she will never be actually IN the fight make her not only super easy to focus down, but Miko nearly single-handedly stuffs all of her strongest aspects.

    There definitely needs to be a tweak, as I feel you on this one OP.

  • I would have to agree as well her damage is so slow even with turrets on the ground lol. So many times I demolished Gizmo with other characters while she's running away shooting at me trying to kill me. They do need to buff her a little bit

  • It would be cool for Gizmo players if her Mini-Gun just melted enemies as we all expected it would.
    If this was a Solo Deathmatch game then she definitely is at a disadvantage but it's not.
    Her damage increases as her minigun reaches full speed. That's where if you're playing as a Team Gizmo can really melt the opposition.
    She also has a "Get out of jail free" card with the Jumper Bumper. Like smart Cass players, smart Gizmo players won't stick around to get smacked.
    Like everyone else, Gizmo suffers the most when the Team playes poorly.

  • @Azrael008uk even when your minigun is maxed and you have turrets on, your DPS is way lower than the rest of the damage fighters, even lower than some supports, you just can't compare Gizmo damage to Daemon damage, or Nid damage, and Gizmo has an additional disadvantage, when you attack people, they can still move, use abilities and attack, while a melee fighter keeps you form all of that by simply attacking you, and they still have higher DPS than Gizmo, that is the problem

  • I think I would have to agree with Amberprice on this one. I personally think it is a little bit too early to judge since there was not enough time to fully test gizmo with all her mods. I mainly play Gizmo and I would say I don't have issues 1v1 most of the players with her but that is also because I probably played this game for years now so take it with a grain of salt.

  • @IXTheCandyManXI said in Gizmo needs to be tweaked, words from a main:

    @Azrael008uk even when your minigun is maxed and you have turrets on, your DPS is way lower than the rest of the damage fighters, even lower than some supports, you just can't compare Gizmo damage to Daemon damage, or Nid damage, and Gizmo has an additional disadvantage, when you attack people, they can still move, use abilities and attack, while a melee fighter keeps you form all of that by simply attacking you, and they still have higher DPS than Gizmo, that is the problem

    She's like Soldier '76 with "Perma-Ult". Her damage is going to be a fine balance. Give her too much and she'll be a balance breaker.

    Even in her current state I've watched her melt other players and even me with enough chaos going off all around.

    The Devs have the stats and gameplay data from the Beta to work with though and they seem like they're aiming high when it comes to their standards for a Competitive Multiplayer Title.

    I think whoever your "main" is we think they should do more damage.

    Personally I'm not sure but I trust the Devs to do the right things with the info they've pulled.

    Can't wait for March.

  • Gizmo is strong, but only if played right. I think her turrets need a health buff and her range needs slightly buffed as well. The reason I bring up her range is because Gizmo should almost never be caught out on the ground which is why she has her jump pad, she is super dangerous on high ground and can become super oppressive. So the only buff she needs is range and her turrets imo.

  • I play Gizmo, level 11-12 (I don’t remember exactly), and I have the most victories on her. So I do not agree. She is good.1 vs 1 she kills ALL

  • I think she’s fine. Weak to melee focus like she should be and great sustained damage. She’s not burst dps. If your constantly shooting in team fights you’ll have top damage done. Mech ult is a team fight winner with its AoE % damage.

    Honestly most games like this make “Ranger” chars way too strong and oppressive because they want to hook the cod ppl. This is one of the first games where the machine gun hero is in a fair and good spot

  • @Azrael008uk to be honest, Soldier is not even close to be a strong character, i have almost 100 hours of soldier and it is just matter of time to realize that you need to be an absolute aim beast to make him as good as the other rangers in overwatch, while they take half or less the skill needed to be useful, i'm not saying Gizmo is a bad fighter, just that soldier is not a good example

  • @Raindrop8246 That's right, there is no point on playing high ground if your range will force you to drop because the anemy are out of range, this happens in most part of the maps

  • @Niksan3127 Same, but you gotta remember that this is a beta, and people haven't figured out how to play most part of the characters, i say this because when the crazy Daemons and the op Maeves or the pro Cass start to show up, Gizmo will fall, because of her potential