Force a proper team setup

  • As said by my last thread about Nerfing El Bastardo I'm am forced to fight teams that are impossible to kill as they are 2 damage 2 healer and not any healers Miko and Zero Cool wich is overpowered as Miko is just a damage with healing properties and ZC can out heal any damage. Can we have locking systems in a game 2 damage 1 tank and 1 support.

    Overwatch had this sort of problem with full teams of damage but now they fixed it with 2 damage 2 tank and 2 support and now the game is a lot smoother.

    Also Nerf Daemon

  • @DuskPanthera MUCH agreed. Been chatting with a LOT of people who agree. 1 support, 1 tank, 2 DPS. Otherwise there are some extremely broken compositions and everyone will be forced to using the same which is boring. Also maybe increase healers cooldowns a smidge so it’s more strategic less spam

  • I agree that there should be forced team composition bc there are too many ppl who just want to play dps which results in too much chaos when the opposing team actually chooses healers and no one on your team even attempts a healer. My opinion differs in that I feel that it should be 1 dps, 1 tank, 1 healer and one flex that can choose any class so you can still have that chaotic element, but not to the extreme, and it would stand to be a pretty unique role/team feature.

  • Have any of you tried targeting healers?

  • Are you guys serious? And nerf El Bastardo? He's not even close to being the strongest.

    I feel like you guys just aren't giving the flow and fundamental gameplay a fair shot. Role Lock would kill this game.

  • Overwatch FIXED? HAHAHAHAHHAHA, role queue just made the game worse, and i can say as a 1200 hour player, this game is not overwatch, so stop making that gamebreaking suggests and get gud

  • Have the rest of you faced a 2 damage, 2 healer? It's beyond ridiculous that you don't even need a tank in the game. The team I was in had a Miko, Kulev, Daemon (as me) and a Nidhoggr then lets just say the opposite team is running a Buttercup, Zerocool, Maeve, and a Nidhoggr.

    Will make the game mode Capture. That team literally couldn't do anything what so ever taking us down cause having 2 healers support each other then 2 damage supporting them. As long as I took out the Zerocool out from the opposing team the counter between the 2 teams the results stayed the same us winning.

    If they don't fix this situation what's the point of having tanks then if 2 healers and 2 damage that can out weigh a normal regular team comp.

  • I do agree that the healers feel "overpowered" when you are going into a team fight as they can out heal a "brute force" approach to an engagement. I think BE is more about the effective use of abilities over "I want to keep damaging this thing till it dies". Maybe your approach was too linear?

    It would be interesting to see some approaches that shorten team fight times or overall TTK.

    I don't think nerfing everyone into the ground will solve the problem.

  • The game needs some kind of role queue, but I will not wait >10 minutes to play dps like Overwatch. And OW has a lot of players

  • @IxIThe-Robin I don’t think the comps are the problem. People not focusing on one target is the issue. Buttercup pull Maeve cage nighogger should have been enough to seriously cripple that comp. the Kulev/Miko combo has issues the longer the fight goes on. Their group healing really isn’t strong if you’re killing totem. You were probably mercing out their zero and they refused to protect him or he refused to switch healers.

    I spent the weekend killing solo zeros as buttercup. So many teams just didn’t peel for him and he wouldn’t switch off him and it was a mess for them.

  • No, this would ruin the game. A team of 4 people is too small to have a role lock and there aren't enough fighters to do it. There would be no flexibility and queue times would rise, people would get bored and just stop playing.

    Maybe you need to start focusing healers or using mods to help give you an advantage against them as the healers are vulnerable and squishy. Overwatch is 6 vs 6 with 31 characters with more than three in each role, if Bleeding Edge were to implement RQ then it would do more harm than good.

  • Maybe we don't need the role Q, but something to encourage players to do a good pick. Some kind of reward (OW gives gold if U play tank or healer).
    Overwatch is not fun with 6 dps. Paladins is not fun with 5 dps (or flanks).
    Bleeding Edge wont be fun with 4 dps, and there will be a lot of leavers in matches like that.

  • Targeting the healer is an essential strategy and worked just fine for me while playing (when we did correctly or at least better than they did, of course). You need to know each support's strengths and weaknesses and either force them out of position or to use up everything they have on themselves. A helpful tip is that due to high time to kill and general mobility, a lot of the time fighters will run away and get away. Instead of chasing, think of pushing them away from objectives as a win.

    Look I get the frustration, you're afraid that one strategy will trump others, but in reality it's more like you've encountered a strategy you don't know how to beat yet. I see nothing wrong with 2 Assassin 2 Support, or 3 Heavy 1 Support, or 4 Assassins, etc. because they show the players are trying to be creative. 2 assassin 2 support general means high mobility or damage and high sustain, but they also can have easy to disrupt positioning, poor burst, or poor zoning potential (depending on the exact comp).

  • @Evade-This5965 picking 4 dps is not being creative, just everyone plays the character that they want. Even if they are being crushed, nobody changes their hero.
    It is wrong forcing people to play a role that they don't want especially if U don't have a big player base. But maybe some reward that make people consider picking 1 hero of every role...

  • @IxIThe-Robin usually I'd agree, but the balancing of this game does present an interesting opportunity to focus your strategy as a team in strange directions without any one strategy being totally game breaking (as of yet...). After all, there are plenty of health orbs and methods of self-heal among the characters, and playing to that as a focus isn't necessarily a bad thing... but it IS something you'd need a group to consciously choose to do. Doing it in solo queue would, like you said, just be everyone playing what they want.

    Not that I'm advocating for 4 assassins, that was just more of an example of the myriad of possibilities. I do have one idea of how it could work, but it's not exactly the BEST or even a good strategy with the current roster lol. So I'll back off and say that, currently, I DO have a problem with my team going 4 assassins, unless given a good reason otherwise.

    1 Heavy and 3 Assassins is more doable with greater versatility. Getting the anti-heal mod on Maeve's cage would be ideal for that.

  • Hi there!

    There’s a few reasons we don’t want to lock people in. I think the most important one is how sometimes you find mid match you may want to change strategy. For instance in power cells sometimes the enemy may be hoarding the cells on one player hoping to cash a load in on one turn, in which case you may decide to get some assassins on your team ASAP to take that player out and redeem their points. Same on the opposing team you may wish to deploy as a healer or a support to try and aid that player until they have a chance to hand in.

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