Surprised by support pick rate

  • I’m kinda shocked that in every game I’ve played so far there’s been someone who picks a support hero

    Usually in games with dedicated supports and healers they are often missing on the team

    But this is a good thing and hopefully stays this way

  • @ShadoWawker I only play with Support characters because usually nobody else in the lobbies pick them. My favorite is Miko tho.

  • I think as long as the supports are kept viable and entertaining it shouldn't be too hard to get people to play them. I really Miko (spear girl) because she's a fun combat support that fights but also heals a good amount. I want to see more supports like this I think it'll keep them played as frequently as possible. Kulev (the snake) is very similar in the sense that he puts his ward up and fights with his team. Not just pocket healing people like other ability based games. (except Zero Cool but it's good to have a support like him also that pockets)

  • The Support in this game are all incredibly solid and fun picks. If anything the damage characters are the ones lacking in this game.