General feedback

  • After playing for a bit I would like to offer some feedback on the gameplay (and one external thing).

    • Parrying needs to be a separate button. Right now it's almost a waste of a mechanic because it's so clunky to use due to sharing a button with dodge

    • Placing area of effect abilities like Gizmo's "Sucka" needs to be on a separate sensitivity, because it's impossible to place them down quickly, precisely and far away while preserving your normal sensitivity. I also feel that there should also be a toggle in the options to lock the camera for a short moment after placing them, because as it is your camera is going to spaz out when you move your mouse back after using the ability, so you have to move your mouse back to the target.

    • Chasing is not good enough, so offering some melee characters an innate ability to slow their opponents when hitting them in the back would alleviate this problem. It doesn't have to be much (5-10%), but just running away is too good and requires no skill. If you would get slowed it would make dodging more important, chasing better and parrying viable (if it would be on a separate button).

    • Leveling up your character is too slow. If anything power-wise is tied to level levelling up should not be a barrier to entry.

  • For aimed abilities, they will automatically center on people you are locked onto, so I don't feel it's a huge need to adjust manual placement for them. However, I 200% agree with you about people running away. Such a pain.

  • About chasing: Daemon can dash to an enemy, Miko can freeze, Nidhogr can slide and throw his axe to stun, Bastardo can jump on them. Just don't waste your chasing ability before they start running away. Change your playstyle, don't change the game after one playsession. When you fight expect people to run away and plan accordingly. Also just mount up immediately when you see that enemy starts running away, most of the time you'll catch up

  • These problems suggested are menu navigation/QOL problems.

    (Quality of life Issue)

    When you navigate the fighters ability detailscreen, it would be nice just to switch between characters by klicking left or right without closing down the detailscreen. Less clicks are always preferable.

    (Minor issue)

    Once you complete a part in the tutorial and goes to the reward screen, there's a small time-span between when you can navigate the continuation options and when the loading is finished. I would suggest you show the continuation options once the loading is finished so you don't confuse the player and risk him/her from klickning around unnecessarily.

    (Moderate issue) (Xbox one)

    The chatt function in the end of a game is very poor. Slow, unresponsive and frustrating.

    Also make it possible to chatt when rea'spawning. Also xbox.

  • @bobislavinson If movement/CC abilities would have a lower cooldown you might have a point, but as it is it's hardly interesting to use an ability, get close to someone in order to get a hit in and then have to continue playing cat and mouse. You also assume that the abilities weren't used before to get the person to run away.
    You can plan all you want, but that doesn't matter if you've got nothing to use.

    Mounting up only moves the problem, because what happens after you hit them once? You lose your mount and you're back to slowly chasing.