Too much cc in this game

  • I get it it's a fighting game but there are so many moments where I'm in the middle of a team fight and all of a sudden I'm getting ganged on by two people and end up not being able to do anything till you die. Completely unfun. If it's a 1v1 I can dodge and parry buy not against two people. Secong the stun mechanics are horrible to play against when getting targeted. I got froze by miko stunned agian by nidhogger then got completely shit on by El bastardo then died in like two seconds before my team could do anything to help me. There shouldn't be this much cc in this game.

  • Agreed. It's an absurd level of stun locking, knockdowns and so on. Some characters can weather the storm for a few seconds but most end up instantly besieged and destroyed. Especially on a team where they don't want to group and it's always 2v4 or 1v4 as the other person dies.

  • I feel the stuns and CC are necessary, when you consider just how easy it is for people to run away from a fight. Dodging does a pretty good job of getting away from trouble, though anytime I'm 3v1, I expect to get ganged up on and destroyed.

  • So you died a couple of times out of position, what do you want really?