Battle pass.

  • Will the game have battle pass? And when will it be available?

  • @Terrence1324 From what im aware there will not be one not on release at least. However there will be lvling and unlocking of those hoverboards,contrails,emotes? ect. I hope they will do somthing like a battlepass down the road.

  • Hey @Terrence1324

    We answered this in another post 🙂

    @Tetris229 said in Battle Pasd:

    Hey @WolfPackJr99

    All cosmetics and upgrades in Bleeding Edge are earned by playing Bleeding Edge and currently there are no in game purchases. The only DLC we have announced so far is the Punk Pack which players receive for pre-ordering the game. If you play with Xbox Game Pass before the end of march 31st you will also receive the Punk Pack even if you didn't pre-order.

    This is our focus for the time being and have no immediate plans for a battle pass/season pass for any Bleeding Edge content. 🙂

    We're committed to always having game changing content available to all players at no extra cost, this includes maps, fighters and game modes etc.

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  • Excellent approach, especially for game pass players, but a battlepass format give the player a sense of progression and a reason to come back. A nominal C currency buy in will give a new player a reason to play (say 499 C) and the fact you can get a battlepass so quickly and free will generate great PR. Being free, it doesn't even need to be that great. A few COG currency, some C currency, the odd skin - done.

  • @net3reak They can add a sense of progression in other ways. Launching a paid game with IAPs doesn't seem like the best idea, if there was no price tag associated with the game it would make sense.