New Game Mode Ideas

  • Hello Ghost Town!
    Yes I'm aware of the state of the game, and how it's extremely unlikely that anything I write here will be read by anybody, but writing is what I do best, and it's still fun to go wild with ideas, so I will just write.

    With that out of the way, I've been thinking about what new modes BE could have in addition to Objective Control and Power Collection, and I made a short list of conditions that new game modes should fulfill in order to remain true to the Bleeding Edge experience we have now.
    The conditions to be met by a game mode are:

    • It needs to be playable on all the maps
    • Both teams must compete for the same objectives (meaning no defending/attacking team etc.)
    • The average match duration should be 10-15 minutes, just like objective control and power collection
    • The mode must revolve around the map's objective points
      Additionally, the new mode should aim to create a slightly different playstyle. Meaning don't just replace cells with gold, call it Gold Collection and make it a new mode.

    Following the rules above, here are the Game Modes I thought of:


    In Monster Hunt, a monster will spawn on an objective point, and teams must hunt it down and eliminate it in order to get points. Killing the monster grants the team 100 points, and 1st team to 600 wins.
    The monster spawns on an objective point, but it doesn't have to remain on the point; if players enter its radius it will attack them, and if players retreat it will move back to the objective point where it will regenerate.
    While fighting the monster, players will be granted buffs by dealing certain amounts of damage to it, this is in order to not put the attacking team at too big a disadvantage where the other team can just wait for them to start fighting the monster before collapsing on the objective and taking everything. But stealing the objective is still possible, should an enemy assassin manage to deliver the killing blow.
    Now imagine if there are different types of monsters, that would be so freaking cool o.o


    In this mode, Police forces or HA Corp forces have invaded the map through a portal on an objective point, and are now swarming the map hunting for the misfits. Teams must kill the invading forces and collect the key that will drop from one (or more) of the invading npcs. Upon optaining the key/s, the team must protect the key holder while they move towards the objective point and seal the portal that the invaders are coming from.
    Killing the key holder will drop the key, creating a chance for the enemy team to steal, or for a team mate to continue the job just like in cell collection.
    Killing an invading npc gives 1 point, killing a player gives 2 points, killing the key holder gives 3 points, and sealing the gate gives 10 points. First team to 100 points wins.

    Should a ghost or 2 among you have other ideas, I'd be very excited to hear about them, but please spare me the "dude the game is dead wtf are you wasting your breath for" comments, I know it, you know it, we all know it, we're just having fun.

  • @Surrtan

    A game mode like LOL mainly have would fit with bleeding with a map just for him.

    Grunts being upgrade by the times while the match is keeping going, as player could make a build and chose between 2 skill tree buffs for create more gameplay variation

    The "jungle" have like always a "barrow" at 2 sides of the map that will try to steal players while with guard down as they are focusing at taking resources, dealing with a few random bots walking around the jungle and taking buffs (which are the only locations with bots defending it)

    The central being like a dominated point for get some advantage and some other things.

    Death match also could fit as should came at least on last update.

    Unfortunately, the mainly problem for this game is basically being too depended in a game that people simply don't want to be competitive, causing situations like being basically unable to play duel your team not working even at least together, is really rare see someone being "the game changer" of the match because of his abilities.

    Just thinking if the core( even being very good) was changed in a way that you could be able to deal with 2 players without already thinking that you will 100% already die anyway regardless how good you are, probably would allow for more people to enjoy it without care much about team play in a plenty casual match.

    Whish for have a 2° chance someday