Funny how this community doesnt move a single finger

  • Don´t want to be a asshole for say that, but a thing I´m not lying.

    Mainly when devs started to be silince, I had saw a amount of very few people trying get answers, even it doesn´t work.
    Almost anyone had tryied to gruop up for get the attetion that we need for we knowed what was going on.
    Anyone was brave enought for make a movement for we really know if our games was ok or not.

    I was even had a idea to group up and try get more people for a #LetWeModBleedinEdge and we invaded microsoft and ninja theory´s social medias for asking the community keep this game alive , but how l could do this if even a single soul hadn´t try something like that before and even now, and probably most people even doestn´t would like to help, just show "how he/she care so much about this game"

    the worst was our silence that we either did,and doesn´t acting much for "trying to save this game that we much care".

    Again, i don´t want to be like a asshole for say that,I(and some people) had try get the answers, even we fail, we tryied. I just disapointed of how much this community didn´t nothing for this game either, just showing how weak this community unfortunatly is.

    wish that we had people that showed not only in discord or reddit, but make other people see that we care for the health of our game.

    well, we still have some amount of time left ,to do something, if the community will finnaly move...l would like to see.

    if you all just gonna se this game dying....only will say thank for all of you for playing this game, but didn´t made a action for the thing that you probably love.

    we´re either guilty for this game support die, just remember that,if you was a part of this community

  • I'm gonna go through the effort of logging into my microsoft account to respond to this. The assumption that the community didn't lift a finger, or did nothing is bullshit. There are people on this forum, on reddit, even people in discord who managed to nag tetris enough to get a respond out of him (which was that they were still working on bleeding edge, they just couldn't say anything, and this ended up not being true. they just stopped working on it. maybe a lie or they changed their mind just like that.) There was even a poll on reddit talking about what the developers were doing during the silence, with most of the % basically saying (they are just sitting on their ass.) I actually thought it was rude as fuck, but there was an upheaval. Players have been prodding NT CONSTANTLY to get them to respond and get shit to happen. At the same time, players like misfitbanjax worked their ass off to keep the community together and active, hosting event nights and helping new players. During all of this, NT still said NOTHING. And after they said they were done supporting the game THEY STILL SAID NOTHING. NOTHING BUT SILENCE. Even after all of the criticism.

    And there have been people who said things like "guys it takes time, just be patient" and "well I play TF2 and we haven't gotten an update in years with this game that's been out since 2007 =/" People's opinions matter but there were way more people who were frustrated then those who treated the situation with kid gloves.

    As I type this, NT will ignore it and you.

  • Agree in most parts that you said.

    The community was very weak since launch, but there wasn´t people in community that tried make a commotion around internet

    we was there to give feedback,suggestion and constantly ask what was happening, when in a time to another ,devs get silence

    But reddit and discord wasn´t the necessary key that devs ,even ironicly at day one, had said that they would hear and considerate us

    this community didn´t get stronger with the time, the few of people in this community ,like
    misfitbanjax and other streamers(they´re exeption apart), had help to keep this people together and tried incentivate others plays this game, but people whose was part of game´s reddit and discord, didn´t tried for get even more to stick together.

    our force wasn´t enought for NT REGONIZE US, and unfortunatly this happen.

    Ninja theory was such a fucking asshole for didn´t care about us that was still play their game and belive for his future.

    Even for a single player company, isn´t excuse for what they have done with this game.

    yes,We gonna be ignored like everyone else.

    But hope the karma can teach them a leason for doesn´t care who was still belive at them with their PvP game.

  • I honestly agree, because many people did not know about the news of this game (I include myself) I love this game and it is really unfortunate that many players I know (players who spent many hours a day playing the game, had not heard about that there would be no more updates) I sincerely hope that at least the absence of the developers is only temporary as they finish their project, if not, at least it would be good if they left the game in the hands of another developer 😕

  • yea it’s funny ,@XxUnReached u are not alone ,i kinda wish this game couldn’t make it because i used to play this this game really hard before the leaderboard updated .I mean i played really hard in every match , i took every match very seriously i even took notes and hav my own strategy.And i always respect any player i came across ,i never texted or said any profanity to anyone.

    Until i got tons of cheating and grieving reports from xbox live , this game even sent me a warning agreement about cheating or grieving i have never done. xbox live even down my profile reputation which i hav never been drop a bit before.

    This is why i started to think there is something wrong in this game . i mean i mentioned i played it hard , in fact i was a mainly healer , sure i was obsessed in variety ways of support but i never getting too offensive or GRIEVING because i’m sure i’m good at healing and i put my all attention on it in those beta days . i got a lot of positive messages of players which i seldom replyd back. and of course i know how exactly xbox live enforcement system work so i have never replyed or texted any messages with potential profanity or offensive words.


    so how and why did this happen?? i actually completely no idea ,either someone was targeting on me or this game hav something wrong in it,sure they didn’t even bother to double check how their fans got some falsely accusing or framing BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOB AND PRETEND THEY HAVE PASSION FOR IT.

    yea i get salty about it ,i quit this game early but i know i may regret it ,all because i love this game.

    Now i’m pretty sure this game won’t make it and I AM ACTUALLY GLAD ABOUT IT ,because i know i didn’t waste much more efforts in it and its not worth it.

    Just keep this game staying like this please .( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

  • @IRIS-Xhang I remember you. We never played a match together as far as I know, but I've seen you (through completely coincidental watchzone encounters) trolling your games by moving from spawn to the electric fence (and dying) over and over, and doing similar troll behavior in other games, so my guess is that it had to do with that.

  • @Surrtan Yes I actually did that after i had already got hundreds of cheating and grieving reports within two months.I had grinded very hard almost 24/7 before i did those idling thing.

    And after i did those idling things , i realized this game put me in a weird situation.Because i ve been warned about CHEATING and GRIEVING which are not true ,I just played and grinded like everyone else.

    SO IF I KEPT PLAYING , NO MATTER HOW I PLAYED, I STILL COULD GET HUNDREDS OF REPORTS. if things got worst ,i cloud get banned from this game or the platform .

    What and how did they want me to enjoy this game? i guessed they want me to not play so seriously. So i started to idle in some matches .



    And just like u said , they always footage every matches, they were just lazy to double check. I MEAN “”CHEATING “”,HOW how how can someone cheating on xbox exclusive content ,they re just impossible .its absurd.

    Anyway it will finally past because the state of this game . THEY DESERVE IT.

    I remember u too @SURRTAN. u re a formidable teammate and nemesis. i actually remember i ve played with u as same team during those days when i still grinded.i remember because i also took notes about players ,about how can l cooperate with them smoothly.i still hav u in my xbox friendlist or following list.

    And i also read some of ur suggestions and recommends to BE .

    It all doesn’t matter now , they deserve it ,or they quit. i got salty because i love this game.