Wishing good vibes at NT.

  • I just wanted to say I hope the devs at Ninja Theory are doing okay. I know there has been trouble with the game and players' frustration , as well as the pandemic making things even more difficult. I can imagine it has made parts of your lives very stressful, so I hope you guys can continue to take care of yourselves while working on Bleeding Edge 🙂 .

  • They abandoned the game, which is sad really. Bleeding Edge has potential just had to keep rolling out patches and updates, that's how these type of games work. Characters, New Mods, Cosmetics, New Game Modes, Balancing, Lore, an in game store for cosmetics, done. You now have your self a complete game. But no you wanna stay silent and abandon the game and expect people to buy your future products. Really?

  • I respected them for their work on the DmC, and that they wanted to make it closer to the original than the capcom wanted. For their extraordinary, original, creative games. For making an extraordinary product in the gaming industry in the form of a live slasher, simplified DMC. For the hard work on the release and the amount of content in a short time. But what happened after these three months led me to complete bewilderment: how can a studio with such a good reputation have that; and loss of a good opinion. More precisely, it changed to negative. So interrupt communication, forget and don't care about customers, leave them with a broken balance, matchmaking, holes in the mechanics, and disappear without saying goodbye. So far, this is the "best" support of the live game I've come across.
    Well, since this topic is about good vibes, I will leave my thanks to those developers who worked and created the game. I'm very pleased to touch your work and help improve it with any way. It's a shame the management has such an attitude towards their project and customers.

  • Yeah I sincerely wish them well and hope my suspicions of the possible situation is correct and that the pandemic has them working from home, most likely on assisting the Hellblade 2 devs thus leaving Bleeding Edge on the backburner. As for their surprising silence...I honestly can't blame them. Despite the first 4 months since release they churned out many things with monthly updates and most of their decisions, plenty of them good ones, were heavily criticized by the "fans". They have taken shit from this community non-stop from the get-go with hardly any focus on giving them any of the credit they were due so yeah, I can see why they wouldn't bother with updating us on future plans, at least until they know they can actually commit to them. I'm sure they'll inform us of the game's future when they're damn well ready to. I doubt they've actually abandoned the game and I think it's a tad inconsiderate, impatient and short-sighted to think they have despite how much care they have put into the little details that make the game great. Like in Joreyo's latest video: https://youtu.be/NwCpbQBMDxQ

    To finish, much love to Rahni and the others! Hope ye are ok and can come back to work on BE soon ❤