Mod Thoughts (If Applicable :P)

  • Here I wanted to bring up some of my own ideas based on stuff others in this community have brought up before. These ideas will be covered in 3 categories. First up...

    This is the term I am gonna use for a feature I think some players would appreciate.
    Now, I want to start off by saying I LOVE the map mods. I think they're a very clever way make the most of what's already there instead of making dedicated game types. Best and most obvious example is King Of The Hill, something that was requested by people on the forum and elsewhere pretty much since launch as far as I know.

    Anyways, I think having a favoured mod slot for your account that unlocks at around level 50 or even 100 that can improve the chances of that map mod coming up when you queue by a small amount. To reign things in a bit though, I reckon that these "Fmods" should be consumed once successful. Somewhat similar to how offerings work in Dead By Daylight.

    Naturally you could expect to unlock specific Fmods by winning a match on said map mod to be equipped later via the workshop or a drop down menu implemented into the party group display in the top right of the main menu screen.

    Not entirely sure how doable such a feature is but I truly think it's a decent idea if implemented well. On to the next category!

    Pretty straightforward idea that's been brought up before by others, slightly more significant/interesting mods that take up two mod slots. I think these should be less like a small buff to a certain ability and more like an actual augment for said ability. An example of this could be something like a mod that gives El Bastardo's Leap of Faith two charges, similar to Cass' dash move but the distance of the leap is shorter or no longer stuns.

    Objectives are disabled. Points gained from kills are tripled.

    Drinkin' Buddies
    Killing enemies impairs your field of view and movement but significantly increases damage. Max 3 stacks until dead.

    Stuck In The Mud
    Control of objective points is lost once they are no longer contested (only appears on Objective Control).

    Shell Game
    Only blue power cells spawn but 2 of every 3 canisters are fake.

    The water is now frozen causing sliding. Fighters are knocked prone after evading (only appears on Aqueducts and Hydrocore).

    Catch Me If You Can
    Stamina recovers twice as fast.

    Fighters remain mounted on hoverboards while taking damage from or using basic attacks.

    Super cooldown resets when killed.

    Thanks for reading. Hopefully the Devs aren't done with us yet!
    Later days

    P.S. Give us Practice Vs Bots queue plz. Also stop letting shredder combo into itself it's boring AF

  • All this it's really interesting if devs considered put in BE

    Just with Deathmacht mod whose could be x4 each kill taken,this mod should be more fast for a macht over
    Otherwise that,all would be a great ideia to see

  • @b4nj4x7581

    I'm a little skeptical of dual-slot mods, and I might prefer to see more characters instead, but if they do the balancing right I guess it could be a good avenue for more content.

    Otherwise I think the rest of these ideas are awesome. I particularly like the favored map mod idea, which could give players another kind of currency to fight for and accumulate, and it's always nice to be able to customize your experience. If they add more map mods like the ones you suggested, even better!

  • @b4nj4x7581
    Awesome map mods