Obvious cheater

  • I just played against someone on xbox “sensei xion” this dude is clearly cheating his ass off.

    He has 98 total games and 90 wins. That is a 93.75% winrate. And scrolling through his history the only ones he actually loses are games that he quits

    The other thing is during the match, i was playing el bastardo and at full health this guy was almost killing me by himself in 1-2 hits with daemon. Seriously ban this guy

    I reported him in game but i have a strong feeling that reporting does absolutely nothing so i figured it would be safer to post it here where something might be done about it

  • @ShadoWawker

    SX is actually one of the top players in the game, often top 10 or so on the leaderboard. I think they make BE YouTube tutorial videos w Joreyo (channel Xion Joreyo - definitely recommend the videos for pointers). Guessing they often play in a 4-stack w other top players too, which helps with win ratio.

    Certain mod combos really do allow Daemon and some other characters to do insanely high burst damage if you have the skill lvl Xion does.

    Anyway, I doubt there's any cheating going on there. Anything is possible I suppose, but that seems like a heavy accusation to direct at one individual on a public forum. But FWIW, the team at NT really does look at all the reports when players submit them, so I'm sure someone will review your submission.

  • Sensei Xion is Joreyo's smurf account. He doesn't cheat he's just very good, and he often (only) plays with his friends who are also very good players. That's why he has a very high winrate.

  • Don't jump against the Legend Joreyo/sensei xion

  • @Surrtan

    Ah, didn't realize they were one and the same. That explains.

    Not doing a very good job of smurfing since Xion is still top 20 at least... 😂

  • Ever since people figured out that Daemon air juggle combo and recent change to Daemon's increased damage out of stealth Daemon players have been having a field day. It's nice to see the poster boy for the game be strong but lame that he is only strong if you can pull off that WILD combo.

    I once got hit by it WHILE in the air. I knew the Daemon was coming for me so I tried to make myself as hard to hit as possible but he still was able to position himself for it.

    A good Daemon is terrifying.