Single best feature you guys could add and it would be hella easy...

  • Vote kick system. No really. Since this game depends on teamwork so bad when you have someone who refuses to play for some damn reason if you're against a semi competent team with 4 players your whole game can be a washout.

  • Thought of that the other day. But I see how it can be abused though. For example a group who know each other can vote a player they don’t like out. Even if they’re not bad.

  • Considering how rare 3 stacks are I'd take that chance.

  • @I-WORSTPLAYER-I Thinking about this as well. I wonder if the solution is some kind of up-voting system instead. After the game, vote up teammates who played well as a team/took the game seriously. After a while, this feedback could be incorporated into matchmaking.

  • @I-WORSTPLAYER-I This is a terrible idea. It would be abused.

    Here's a much better alternative:

    Vote to end the game.

  • @ViciousCJB Definitely a much better idea, but I'd worry it still counters completion incentives. Teams who are losing could all just vote to end the game before losing. Unless you made it so both teams have to vote to end a game, and why would a winning team vote to end a game? Would it have to count as a loss for the team voting to leave?

    What do you think about an up-voting system for players after the game ends, instead, which could be incorporated into matchmaking in some way? Carrots, not sticks.

  • I fear that letting players vote to end the game just encourages defeatist attitudes. Comebacks do happen and when they do, it's the best feeling in the game. Letting people vote to end the game will take that feeling out of the game essentially. So in my opinion, despite that idea having, admittedly, some merit, I think it's also a very bad idea.

    A vote to kick system should do more good than harm imo. Not sure how easy it actually would be to implement. It would have to be a unanimous vote though, all 3 teammates have to agree. It should be a decent deterrent from trolls and really toxic behaviour.

  • @b4nj4x7581

    Agreed. There are people that would start the vote process IMMEDIATELY if the other team scores the first set of Power modules. OR if they're team gets wiped at the start of the game, I can imagine one player just decided to stay out of the match and spam the "End Match" vote.

  • All I know is that Unreal Tournament 1999 had a mod built to kick players that worked marvelously. Yes, I'm old as dirt.
    Ending the game? Eh. Nah. Just kick a player, 3 majority needed. I'm sure the griefers would try to initiate a kick vote themselves
    and in rare cases people not paying attention might make it happen.


    I worry vote-to-kick would inadvertently punish good-faith newbs who are legit still just learning the game and misperceived. It would be a marginal occurrence, but it would add barriers to entry. If the devs really put time into it and do it well, vote-to-kick would have real benefits and tamp down on toxicity.

    But I still say why not go with a lower risk strategy and put in sportsmanship incentives a la Overwatch. The improvement would start at the margins, but over time it really does foster a less toxic play environment in my own experience.

  • I mean the way the matchmaking is setup 3 competent players meeting in soloq to agree to kick a good faith noob will be rare lol
    I'm lucky if I get matched with 2 people over level 10 who use their hoverboard regularly.