Buttercup single hit combo exploit

  • Not sure if this is a glitch or bug or just something you can do because of the game mechanics, but I've run into multiple people exploiting it. I've reported them accordingly.

    Buttercup will repeatedly spam the first melee of her combo in fast succession. It's like a stutter that can't be parryed cause you're never able to go into soft stun. You might be able to dodge it, but buttercup is already uninterruptible with melee strikes. This is a HIGHLY exploitative move, and should be addressed immediately.

    No one on here better call it "technique" either, or you're part of the problem. It's game breaking. Plain and simple.

    I'm 100% sure it's not lag either. You can clearly see it's an intended move after it being done to me till death. There's no pushback from the last combo hit, just pure 1 hits with no delays in-between.

    Naming the people I witnessed doing it is redundant, but I will drop the name of the last person I saw doing this:


    This is his/her Xbox gamertag. BEWARE.

  • First of all, Rashid is notorious for exploiting this kind of stuff.They love this spammy bullshit. I would consider them a terrible player for relying on it so much.

    Secondly, it's called mount canceling. It is a tech but there really isn't much of a counter to it afaik, it's too easy to do AND it's cheap AF so I 100% agree it should patched out if possible unless someone can show me it's possible to parry/evade.

  • @b4nj4x7581 Yeah I figured it had something to do with mounting.

    Is Buttercup the only character that can do this mount
    cancelling melee technique? I tried to replicate it with Bastardo, but it didn't work. Haven't got around to trying with Buttercup cause I don't plan to actually use it.

    Really? I didn't realize this Rashid person was infamous for this.

    Hopefully other people can chime in on their own experience with this to get the attention of the devs cause even if it can be parried/dodged, it's not something anybody should be able to do. It increases her DPS to an unintended amount.

    Same thing with her yank on Skygarden plummeting people to their deaths.

  • Oh no no no I need to clarify something here:
    Rashid is an old player and a friend of everyone. He was the one who discovered the mount cancelled-basic attack chain, and he immediately called attention to it. He even played against a game dev and made sure to use the technique on them so they can be aware of it.
    Don't soil his name, he does a lot for the community.

  • I bet you're not in the game's discord community fam!

    there's a video about this sexy stuff and btw it's easy to use.

    here's the vid : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93wlvgK8hLM&feature=youtu.be

    credits goes to Xion joreyo and ofc my sexy friend that I admire to become Rashid.

  • Characters that can do it are as follows: Bastardo, Makutu, Buttercup, Daemon and possibly Miku.

    Which abilities can be mount cancelled for each character?

    Bastardo: His Overload(2nd ult) and Empower(3rd ability).

    Makutu: Repellent(3rd ability) and Can't Touch us(2nd ult).

    Buttercup: Turbo charged ultimate, whip lash(3rd ability), oil slick(2nd ability).

    Daemon: Only his ultimate ability Death Mark(2nd ult). (This is most definitely broken but luckily it's an ultimate ability so, I guess it balances things out somewhat)

    Miku: Her chain heal ability(1st ability) but it's extremely hard to do and you are better off emote cancelling.

    The tech is easier done on keyboard than controller.

    You can both evade and parry the mount cancelling tech, now I am not sure if there is a certain speed where you can't do anything but whenever I go against someone that knows parrying, they immediately negate it, it seems the faster it goes the easier it is to parry.

    You guys can call me cheater, terrible player and whatever you really want but I could've been a selfish piece of shit and didn't share this with the community and instead kept it to myself and kept abusing it with the small likelihood of it being patched but instead I actually shared it with the community and on top of that the reason that I am abusing it, first of all it's fun to use and second the more I use it the more people acknowledge it and when more people acknowledge it then more people gonna complain about it and the devs gonna fix it, unfortunately this is the only way to get things that are broken fixed, especially in this game where the community is not that big.

    Watch the video that CommendedSpy posted, credit goes Xion Joreyo where he explains how to do it.

  • rashid is a super nice dude. he always respond to msg in a positive vibe and thats what he did when i saw him and a bastardo player applying this technique in a match.He responded like in a heartbeat and sent me the yt link. Dont get mad at him (unless he abuses makutu jumpkick on your poor helpless buttercup with no wake up options) or somebody else cause these are those players that push the limits of the game and thats positive.
    Seeya and good games to all of you.

  • @Rashid7103 I understand what you mean about "awareness" but the only reason an exploit needs to be fixed is because people use it. Your logic is to use it so it can be fixed. That's thinking in circles. If people don't abuse an exploit in the first place, then there's no obligation to fix it.

    I'm very curious to know about this game you played with the Devs, and what they had to say about this blatant cheating. That's what it is, Cheating, and your excuse is very poor for using it. Shame on you for continuing to use it knowing it's an exploit. Thankfully you're one of the few people that I've experienced using it, so it's not getting around.

    Using it on a controller IS harder than a keyboard, so, not only are you promoting people to cheat, but you're creating an unfair advantage for PC players to use. If I can't replicate as easy on my Xbox, then why should PC players be able to use it? That's straight up favoritism. It would be very shameful and contradicting if the devs encourage cross play but allow their favorite fanbase to have an advantage over the other users. Why would anybody want to support people who think that way?

    You've got that alpha mentality where it's ok to exploit games with bugs because it's not finished anyways, so everybody is just gonna use them, but Bleeding Edge has been released. You better keep up with the new changes cause your actions are gonna deter new players from even wanting to play at all.

  • Honestly it's old tech at this point. I know of some other players who test everything (fighting game players it's kind of what they do)
    that figured something like this was possible but didn't like the game enough to stick around. I wouldn't be mad at Rashid honestly
    be mad at the script kids who don't bother trying to make it a skill. Still, at least there's ways around it. Granted,
    good luck getting around Daemons. That one doesn't let you out of recovery stun I don't think.

    How do I know this? (Scripts)


  • Calling this "tech" needs to be deleted from ya'll vocabulary. It's an exploit and it sucks to go against and most of the same ppl using are the ones putting GG easy post game in the chat.

  • @CelestialUmbran

    Honestly, I think it exists because Ninja Theory wanted it to have elements of a fighter. This is essentially what happens in fighting games. Animation cancels for combos. Just level up son or get cancelled!

  • Ha I do this all the time with nidhog just melee hold x for less than half a second to go into his shredder then push x again it's definitely not that good as people can easily parry it with good timing/dodge away plus the first attack doesn't do as much dmg (this is all I know for nid and this "combo")

  • It's not a fighter tho so...

  • @CelestialUmbran

    True fighters even on PC have bigger audiences 😄
    Doesn't change the fact. Everything is auto aim, perish
    the thought of a skill based cancel.