Buttercup throwing you off clip before spawn.

  • I guess this is the most appropriate place to put this as it's not really a bug. On the skygarden map, when I was launching to the battle area on power collection. A Buttercup just continuously grabbed me before I made it on land and smashed me down to my death...over and over. And YES, I did try to launch at another direction. But this player just followed me constantly and did this same thing over and over. I'd call this abuse and cheating but it is not a bug. It is something buttercup can do. Maybe other characters can do this also to an extent. The spawn camping has always been quite obnoxious in any game that has it. But yeah....This is a very very fucked up mechanic. Like maybe Skygarden and/or Buttercup need to be reworked.

    Apparently a lot of players enjoy the hell out of it. Like it's one of the best parts of Bleeding Edge. I won't even do it myself. The game needs a death laser or something near the spawn point so the team that is getting camped can actually try to play the game. I know some of you are thinking "well just don't play so badly then" as if it's my fault for making Buttercup and skygarden lol.

  • @GattlingCombo It's a dick move no doubt but seriously you can't demand a rework to try solve any little bit of abuse players find. What we need is a proper report system so that players who actively abuse it to the point of needlessly ruining someone's game experience all match. It's bullshit that players get away with these things just because they find it funny.

    Like I'm all for using it every now and then to be cheeky, ideally just once to secure the last kill of the game for the sake of a silly victory highlight, but to spend all match locking down the enemy is just bad form as well as boring. If someone truly finds that shit entertaining enough to dedicate their whole match to it, fully aware that they are ruining someone's experience of the game then they are either a simpleton or a sadist.

  • Instead of saying she needed a rework, I could have said a small change in someway. It's not Buttercup that really needs the change. It's how these levels work that needs fixing. Players camp spawn in any game that has one. And I don't really think the player is at fault or needs to be reported for "abusing" this "strategy". The player is a fucking asshole. But It is something that is legally in the game that the player can do. It's not a bug or hack. The game allows it. League of Legends style spawn deathlaser pls lol. Players can attack you until you touch the screen of your spawn room.