How can i buy more points to customize my fighters?

  • There is an add-on for this game but i can't buy it in Microsoft store.
    i'm looking for a way to buy more coins to customize my fighter, like board trail, board, skin etc.

    is there any way to do that other than collecting them from each match?

    if not, can i suggest to add this as a purchasable add-on to the game? thanks in advace

  • A bit off topic, but I do find it really interesting reading the general feedback on the absence of microtransactions in Bleeding Edge. I think it's a great example of the evolution that online gaming has undergone over the last decade. It's now questioned if a game releases and it doesn't have microtransactions included. Gone are the days of actually earning rewards by putting in the time. Not too long ago, something like this would've been commended a lot more than it is nowadays.

    I almost wonder whether it actually would've been a lot more successful monetarily had the base price of the game been a lot less, perhaps even free, with customisation-exclusive microtransactions.

    Personally I really appreciated the "no microntransaction" stance from the beginning and it has been really refreshing to actually have to grind for certain stuff rather than jumping the queue with your wallet.

    Obviously this isn't directed at you and many people have asked for customisation to be purchasable with real life money which is absolutely fine. I don't think they'll bend from their stance but I know for sure there are features coming soon that will increase the amount of in-game currency you can earn.

  • @HottCakeX There’s no way to buy currency in this game with real money and that’s a good thing

    I respect them for not including microtransactions even though it’s pretty much a guaranteed feature in all modern multiplayer games. However I do not respect or like the way they have implemented cosmetics at all.

    There are several issues but the biggest one is the insane cost. The best solution is definitely not for them to add microtransactions but rather for them to simply lower the cost or increase earn rate or both

    They are going to add daily quests which will reward coins. I have a very strong feeling that these quests won’t give even close to enough rewards to bridge the gap based on what has happened up until this point.

    We will see how it turns out but the best thing to do imo is ask them to increase rewards/lower the cost of cosmetics.

  • @ShadoWawker i respect them for this decision too but im half way between respect and "shut up and take my money". I'll save my respects for after i get this 7.5k skin that I am just now passing the half way point on despite having over 14 hours of in game time now lol.

  • I personally hope the game never has microtransactions, Ninja Theory games should be above such things.