Feedback on current issue's and balancing that should adressed

  • Maeve is super strong but in fairness she's designed to be. Besides the damage on life siphon typically can't outdamage/outheal the incoming damage from most other damage fighters. It's when a good Maeve is running the Swindler mod that you start to see the serious damage come out of it. Teams need to focus her down to either make her run from the fight and thus have a difficult time securing stacks or they need to be persistent enough to hunt her wrinkly ass down so she looses stacks. Pretty much everything can be countered. I'd rather figure out how to counter something than insist the devs mess with their own balancing by nerfing stuff.

  • @Commander-Brand I agree with with Miko being a problem. She can heal well, attack well, AND her attacks have good hitstun, she can block off projectiles, and if she gets attacked too much she can get away too easily. You might feel like it's important to attack the healer, but attacking her, being the one who is keeping her team a live will just fuck you over. The Adrenaline mod and maybe her cooldowns need to be toned down.

  • @NappyAzzNinja I just don't agree with the zerocool changements. Even if he has vertical mobility, he only has 2 stamina bars, and can be easily flanked by a cass or daemon and his wall doesn't stop bullets etc... So giving him 60hp only would make him really easy to deal with, for me they sjould lower his healing and give him one more stamina bar.

    As for miko, being a main miko, she can come in and get out so easily, I don't find her shield the problem but the self sustain she has is too high, her damage is low to middle of the pack.

    The thing is: I don't want Bleeding Edge to go the overwatch way of designing supports, I want them to go the paladins way, where they can hold their ground but are not ultra frustrating to deal with.

  • @Votre-Daron I don't want Bleeding Edge to go towards neither of those games. They have earned the right to do things their way imo. The more like another game it is, the less like Bleeding Edge it is.

  • @MisfitBanjax What I meant was I don't want the supports to feel like the overwatch supports who are just healbots, there's so much potential with BE and I really want it to succeed while being its true self. I mentionned paladins because they have self reliant supports. I don't want BE to just be paladins.

  • @Votre-Daron Ah ok I got ya. I guess I just got a bit defensive

  • @MisfitBanjax No problem

  • @Votre-Daron Early Briggete and Moira wave happily I hate all overwatch characters beside Zenyatta and Sombra though, they probably suck ass even more now.

  • @GattlingCombo Brig already received a rework and is gonna receive a new one pretty soon to the armor she gives, moira is also getting a rework cause the devs said she was too easy to play. So they're making improvements finally.

    I seriously want Bleeding Edge to create new game modes though.

    BTW Sombra is the second least played hero and zenyatta is DEAD.

  • @Votre-Daron We all want new game modes but until the devs get something solid sorted and the player base has grown to the point where queue times don't become abysmal, we gotta trust that they have awesome stuff in store for us.

    Also Zenyatta isn't dead, Zen is life!

  • @Votre-Daron I shall create tombstones dedicated to Sombra and Zenyatta of them giving the finger to all of the "meta" characters in Overwatch....In the source engine. RIP. And they are JUST now reworking moira saying she is too easy to play. Phew.

    I don't know if I'm in dire need for new modes in the game though. Some more interesting stages and characters would be nice, character and matchmaking balance is at the top of the list for me though.

    They could do a straight up pvp mode maybe? But they'd have to balance around that too. Maybe a mode with some pve elements a la battleborn incursion with a sentient robot you need to protect from the enemy team and their minions? Or more like Gigantic where player kills give you chances to injure a sentient nexus maybe? Very ambitious, but they are ideas.

  • @GattlingCombo Better matchmaking would be ideal but I fear that's something that's limit by the player base anyways. Especially due to coordinated 4-stacks, they are rare enough to struggle putting against each other but common enough to be a problem of really outmatched teams.

    But yeah, I'm not too pushed on new gamemodes yet either. I mean, like, Objective Capture and Power Collection are decent team-based modes, in my opinion. We just need people to realize how they actually work. Anyways, a TDM is a given for a future gamemode the way I see it. King of The Hill and Capture the Flag should be welcomed modes too.

    As for Gigantic's Powering The Guardians style mode, that shit was way too complicated for most people even by the end of it's lifespan. Bleeding Edge's gamemodes are comparatively piss easy to understand and we STILL have people struggling with the concept.

  • @GattlingCombo Now with the genji buffs it's a mess.

    As for BE making a gigantic style game mode would be EXTRA AWESOME.

  • @MisfitBanjax
    I weirdly have much more faith in the BE devs than I do for the OW devs team.