Intensity and action feedbacks

  • Hi!

    I've been trying out Bleeding Edge a bit and find the core mechanics quite fun.

    There has been a few issues though that seem to hamper some of the enjoyment that may prevent it from standing out:

    I feel that we are too far away from the characters and the field. It has that MOBA feel but we use direct controls which means we lose a lot of the intensity and connection to the action. We also don't get to appreciate the character models and their animations. I understand that the decision for this might be because you want players to have a decent "tactical" view of the situation but it removes a lot of the fun and intensity and edginess of it all. There are multiple ways to mitigate some information from being up-close, like directional arrows for where the damage comes from when the source is offscreen for exemples. And having to guess what's coming from behind is part of the fun I think. There are only 4 players per team so it can be easy to keep track of.

    In addition to the lack of imersiveness is the satisfaction of visual cues when your hit connects with the enemies and the clarity of it all. I haven't had time to observe this further but as fun as pulling off combos can be, it feels a lot like swinging through smooth butter at times. I tend to look at the life bar to know if the hit even connected and how much damage it does if any. It's a big problem in fast games like these. I'd love more obvious and enjoyable feedbacks of hits connecting and other interactions. Also a lot of special moves seem hard to notice when they're pulled off but that could be, again, because were are moved a bit far back from the action.

    I understand if your idea of this game is to have a general battlefield overview approach but I feel this specific game could benefit from being a lot closer to the action, with proper audio and visual feedbacks to avoid making it confusing. The size of the maps could make some things harder to spot at times though, but right now I'm concerned about how it "feels" to play. Overall the controls feel fine though, are responsive enough and the game modes work well enough to have a good time!



  • Hi,

    I agree with you and I might add that the problem is even worse during supers. You are never quite sure if you are hitting someone or being hit.

    I am in no way qualified in game design, but if I had to suggest an improvement, I would say to add some sound queues to let you know when you hit, being hit and whiff. Otherwise the UI might get to messy with a bunch of flashy colors.


  • Agreed. I'd suggest something like what Blizzard implemented in Overwatch. Allied noise is reduced so you can hear enemies better. That way you have better feedback on who's doing what in those hectic effect-saturated team fights.

  • @Padderoo

    Some interesting feedback and unique points made here, thanks for sharing your Bleeding Edge experience with us and the rest of the community!

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