Sympathy For Those Left Behind

  • Hey all. I wanted to make a suggestion for standard etiquette in this game among this community so hear me out.

    We all hate getting leavers in our games. They are sadly a little too common and all it does is serve no benefit, not even to the leaver. If someone leaves your team, they are potentially screwing you. If someone leaves the enemy team, it cheapens your victory.

    What I wanna suggest is that we come together as a community and openly show sympathy to those effected by these shitty teammates. Something simple like "SFL" (Sorry For Leaver) in all-chat. Just because these leavers are being unsportsmanlike doesn't mean we all have to be
    Thanks for reading

  • I think this is a good idea, even though I always have my chat turned off lol. I can also have some sympathy for players who leave out of frustration. This game still has glaring balance problems with most of your matches being landslides. One team wins badly, the other team loses badly, and characters like Daemon still feel very obtuse. I know it makes me want to leave games but I don't because I don't want to hurt my record or screw my team over. Even if my 50point team is getting taunted by the 450 point team from behind my respawn room....

  • @GattlingCombo I personally find it hard to sympathize with leavers. I understand an inexperienced team or just a bad match is super frustrating but so is experiencing a leaver, often times in games that really only need one good teamfight to turn the game around. I just can't help but see the negatives of a single leaver being too great to justify it.

    I mean, a leaver screws over EVERYBODY. Obviously it screws their own team who were likely already having a tough match and it leaves them disadvantaged, making an uphill battle even more difficult. It screws over the enemy team a bit because, like it or not, they played well together and were earning the win but when their hard fought 4v4 fight becomes a 4v3, I don't know about you but that really spoils the fun for me. That said, I realize it's probably a bit naive of me to think a leaver could sympathize with the enemy team, especially one that beat their ass to the point of rage-quitting. Anyways, last but not least, it screws the leaver themselves out of credits, exp, mod parts, a potential (and really satisfying) comeback and the chance to learn how to play from behind. I really don't see how leavers ever expect to improve at the game when they don't actually try. Bad games happen, regardless of how good you or your team are. Might as well learn to claw your way back into a game.

    You do have a very good point though about landslides. But I reckon those are common since the game really functions off of teamwork. Sadly, when it comes to most teams of randoms, if they start off not working as a team, chances are they spend the entire match not working as a team. When that kind of group goes up against a team with even a small amount of coordination, that's just doomed to end in failure. Hence the landslides. It does suck when a team who's ahead decides to spawn camp. That's just bad form.

  • @MisfitBanjax With the way the game is right now, I can understand leaving. I've only done it like twice through my entire time of playing this game lol. It isn't right but I can understand why people do it when your team is getting pub stomped by lvl50s and your team has 1 point. The character balance and matchmaking of this game is still very obtuse. There are always several moments where something is very...unfun in matches. Comebacks do happen! I got beat by a team that had a leaver and they ended up winning later when another player (who used Buttercup against my Makutu (Makutu is lava hot garbage but I ❤ him). But very little has been done to get rid of glaring issues in this game. SFL is an awesome gesture though. I encourage everyone to use it.