Character stats and ability tooltips

  • It would be very helpful for new and also experienced players to be able to see basic character stats, like healthpool or basic attack damage, in the workshop. Same goes for the damage/healing/shielding for abilities.
    When i was scrolling through El Bastardo's mods for the first time i was lost and had no idea how to evaluate mods that increase the maximum shield capacity by 150 for example, as i had no idea what the normal capacity is or that there is a cap at all.

  • I second this. I've only been able to approximate the dmg/healing some attacks and abilities do by watching the segments of the health bar. It'd be nice to see either floating numbers in the Dojo, or just have the raw data listed in the ability screen.

  • @airwalk5555 @JezebelTrap

    This is a fair point and a good discussion, thanks for letting us know your thoughts!

    alt text

  • yes, give number values plox