Bonus when rebirth or buff near the point of rebirth!

  • When reborn player, two buffs are applied to damage and armor, this is done so that you can get out of your respawn point. When the opponents dominate they stand on the rebirth point and do not allow you to get out.Have bufa was would time on 5 sec roughly, but if fights have your base dragged on the buf extends, also under frequent use he would stopped work this for moreover that would player not received buf too often.

  • If you can't get out of your respawn zone, no buffs can help you my friend 🙂

  • @zaxarno7777 I agree with you, the team should have both damage and defense near the exit area so they can push out and can anyway serve as deterrent to prevent hateful spawn camping, that would be a nice addition

  • @zaxarno7777 @RustyBlasty @No-TAG-Raziel

    Interesting idea, if the team have been defeated and the enemy team are waiting outside the spawn point you can wait until you're at full strength and go straight into a team fight.

    Also dipping back into the re spawn zone during the team fight will net you drastically increased healing.

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