Balancing Makutu - Personal opinion.

  • Hey!

    I think we can safely say now, Makutu is sadly one of the most underwhelming heroes in Bleeding Edge. Dont get me wrong, he can be really useful in good hands, but compared to other tanks (like ButterCup) his kit and damage are underwhelming. He is the only true tank in the game, which is fine, but the other two usually has more uses, and i think he needs some small buffs.

    Repellent: This move sometimes doesnt even really do anything. It splits up the enemy team for a bit but the push is not strong even with the mods, and the damage is almost worthless. This move should split the enemies even more to be useful, or do more damage. Its only good with the slow mod, but it should be a good ability by default. Slow should be default, that would be the best!

    Barrage: This move can be really unfair compared to Bastardo and ButterCup. While the other two tanks has the Hook and the Leap, they are automatic and dependant on the autolock system, its really hard to miss the hook for example, and the Leap can be only evaded. In contrast, Barrage can be missed VERY easily by default, and can be evaded. Barrage AOE should be much bigger, if its missable..

    Pepeke Stance and Leg-It: Makutu doesnt have evades, or a strong fast movement like ButterCup, so his Pepeke stance should by buffed at least 5, or even 10% percentage. Poor Makutu usually just hits the air because he lacks mobility, even with the stance turned on. Leg-It is a joke by default, its barely improve anything, the cleanse effect is too short.

    Basic Attacks: Lack of mobility, lackluster pepeke stance combined with his very slow and super easily avoidable basic attacks, makes him super weak compared to BC and El Bastardo. Maybe only the second hit should be evaded by the enemies, or the overall attack speed should be buffed somehow, because "Makutu hits the nothing in front of him" phenomenon happens too many times.

    Some mods can help with the issues i stated, but if we do that, we didnt get any + which other character has. Some of his mods should be buffed too: 20% Repellent Damage? Whats the point? Its already has a really low damage, it doesnt scale well at all. We should never talk about the 0.25% stun time after a wall hit.... that mod is the most useless thing in the whole game.

    These are my insights. Its just a feedback.


  • @t1RabbitIII
    Yeah couldn't agree more.
    If some character does not want to engage makutu, he will easliy escape and makutu can't do nothing about it. Even with leg it he will have one git before evade and its over.
    "Excels at engaging" - bad joke
    Other skills are cool. But repellent is really trash without mods, i agree on that.
    I appreciate that he has team buffs and is really good at holding objectives, but thats all he can make.
    When i play him i just stand on objective and wait until something comes at the striking range. Even if he isnt too weak, he is definitly boooring and too situational to play. And power collection? Please. Why should i pick him anyway?
    I use 4 characters and makutu is my 2nd favorite to play as. But everytime i choose him i have to restrain myself to do anything besides standing on objective, becouse i cannot do anything that matters.
    I really dont know how to fix him proper. Maybe pepeke speed boost and repellent redesign?

  • Yep. Repellent is really useless, and even with mods, it's not really a good ability. The only time it came in handy, was the time that I pushed someone off the ledge in skygarden with it, and that was a very specific location, which people most likely don't go there at all ! Perhaps Repellent could be replaced with some kind of hybrid ability as well, just like the stance. It could provide mobility in pepeke stance ( a real mobility ! Not just a speed boost) and a supportive ability like a shield or something in the ora stance.

  • I suggest increasing HIS walking speed passive for himself, and either increase the duration of Leg it OR increase its duration and cooldown.
    His repell CD needs a slight buffs as the other tanks have good CD to keep peeling for a good while.
    IF they want him to be the Support/Tank then fine, he doesnt need more damage.

  • @Mrgameplayerx
    Maybe repellent should just knockdown enemies (even without damage) that would be fair and kinda cool.
    As it comes to ora and pepeke. I feel like makutu heals to much. Just look at the stats at the end of the round. Usualy its 8k+ (like kulev). When i play him i tend to use only ora.
    Maybe pepeke +10% speed and remove aoe healing of healthy? That would make him more diverse.

  • @t1RabbitIII I got pushed into electric force field by Makutu once. His repellent has its used but on the flip side I do think it show slow enemies automatically. He’s very tanky with self healing but you may be right about needing a small buff compared to the others.

  • @t1RabbitIII Makutu is still pretty bad. I tend to be very stubborn and will spend so much time trying to get better with a character, or find mods to make them work, but Makutu still sucks right now lol. Yes he can survive for quite awhile but that doesn't mean it will make him more useful to his team.

  • I run Makutu only in this game, I get beat by a lot enemy in the same time, they are jumpy on me because I am too slow. There are a lot shooting characters, he seem can’t do anything about it if they don’t wanna get close!

    I thought his ability are defective.

    1.barge : slow, short, no precise, easy to stopped, it need more range, lock system and maybe more damage when hitting the wall. It should be non stop until the wall.

    1. Ora/pepeke, I don’t know why pepeke ? It’s useless, I really don’t know how it works, 1 sec. speed boost but still very slow, anything else? Resistance ? Untouchable ? Ora is the only useful in this ability!

    2. Repellent : need more range and slow enemy down, more damage will be good!

    3. Basic attack: weak for a big guy like him, Makutu doesn’t have dodge or block ability, he should get more power in basic attack and bitch slap and uppercut!

    4. Mods: his mod is jokes, too weak, other characters have proper mods building style, his mods need more effects!

    5. Super: rolling ball is too small?? Players with experience just keep jumping to dodge me! Can’t touch this is short and I even don’t use it! Need mod to add 2 sec.? El Bastard get can’t touch this longer then Makutu does!

    6. Speed: he really can’t chasing anybody or running away from fight without using ability, even with ability, he barely succeed! I don’t think he will get a obvious speed boost, just buff his damage!

    This character is a must have in this game but you guy make too many fast fighter or shooting characters, make him looks like shit, sometime you feel stupid choice this character, either he is keep searching for fight or enemy all jumping on him!