The Future Of Bleeding Edge (Ideas & Fixes)

  • Here are some ideas and fixes I have after playing this game through alpha, beta and launch.

    •Match players with around the same hours played (I’m tired of getting game pass temporary players on my team).

    •Match players with party size. You search with a party of 4 you play against a party of 4. You solo que then you should play against a lobby of people that solo que.

    •Make a rejoin game feature (just in case someone lagged out or game crashed and they want to join back).

    •An option to turn off killcam after dying

    •Fix spectator mode when watching your own replays from your profile. The pause, ghost cam and hiding hud function is not working at all for me.

    •Joining a match in progress when the team you joined is getting blown out won’t effect your win/loss ratio

    •Add a competitive (rank) game mode

    •Add leaderboards (individual character total score & game modes)

    •Add more game modes (Free for all, Duos (2v2), Wingman (2v2v2v2), Arcade (experimental game modes like no cool downs on abilities or supers, tanks vs tanks or dps vs dps, you get the idea).

    •Adding different customization options for fighters that don’t have hoverboards (Cass, Maeve, Zero Cool, Buttercup & Mekko)

    •Add mini story missions (future content to think about)

    •Now this next request is a reach but I might as well put it out there. If there is a possibility to implement a first person mode feature. Then have the ability to switch from first person to third person like Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

  • Please advertise the game more. Do not want to see this game die and great ideas @Papi-Trauma.

  • Both of you are saying exactly what I'm thinking. If you've any more ideas, I'd be all for hearing them! ^^

  • @Papi-Trauma The second point is absolutely critical. Parties MUST be matched against other parties of the same size. And solo players should never be matched against parties

    Of course having something like 2 solo and a party of 2 on both teams would be fine

    Most games get this horribly wrong and allow parties to pubstomp teams of randoms which is just awful and ruins the game. So far ninja theory seems to be doing well in this area i play solo and the games are usually pretty fair

  • @Papi-Trauma no first person mode. It’s a 3rd person game in all its glory, I would rather them not spend resources on making 1st person a good experience.

  • C.T.F.

    That aside (in no order of importance):

    1. More skins that are more than just color swaps.
    2. Fix the lagging

  • @Papi-Trauma I think they should add a story line based game mode learning more about the characters and more ways to level them up. It just gives something more to do then just competing all the time because that can get boring at times. If they added this i would play the game alot more then i do at the moment

  • maybe you should ask for rank when the que times can actually handle it