Sprinting and more ideas

  • Ideas

    • characters should be able to sprint. I believe this would make the game more fun as you charge into battle and you can implement a stamina bar which drains with attacks and sprinting and dodging and also getting hit.
    You can implement a unique attack from sprint as well, for every character.

    • Add new dodging animations for example, rolls, cartwheels, backflips when locked on to an opponent. Similar to legend of Zelda. This would increase fun factor and strategy for combat.

    Charge Attack (Hold)
    • This game currently only has basic attacks and one strong attack when in air. We should be able to combo with a charge attack while on foot. This would increase combo options. Example: X, X, X, X (hold) and release. So pressing x once is a basic attack, pressing and holding x is a charge attack which winds up as you hold it and unleashes when you release.

    Increased combos
    • We should be able to chain basic attacks with specials to create unique combos with new animations.
    • Another option is to add combos for various types of input.
    Example: X, slight pause, x, x. This was a ninja gaiden feature which gave you various combos. Right now all you can do is button mash x for the same combo.

  • Expanding on the stamina system sounds pretty interesting but it really doesn't need to work on every little thing like attacking, you'll cause the TTK to skyrocket.

    Nidhoggr actually has a second dodge animation if you use all 3 consecutively lol, its pretty cool so I wouldn't mind more.

    I'm wary about adding arbitrary combos just because people thing it would be more fun. After all, if you go for a hold attack while hitting me I'm just gonna hit you instead. Makutu can get away with that cause he's anti-flinch but few others can. Besides there's quite a few things you can do outside out mashing X - a strategy I don't recommend. I can't tell you how many times I beat someone just because they whiffed their attack but were like 5 X presses in too late to stop their combo fast enough.

  • @Evade-This5965 Yea I think adding unique dodges for forward, backward and sideways dodges would be dope for locked on gameplay.

    I think a charge attack would be nice but we can pass on complicating the combo system. I think at least they could add combos for using specials with attacks.

  • @CAPO-9

    As @Evade-This5965 pointed out, several of our characters have a unique animation for their final evade.

    Also characters can have unique animations if you perform a 180 turn quickly, noticeably is Kulev's leg swing around!

    Thanks for discussing the game and keep sending us your awesome feedback!

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